Septodont Plastalgin Alginate Impression Material

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  • Available both for “normal” settings (Plastalgin) and “quick” settings (Plastalgin Fast) to adapt to different clinical situations.
  • Class A alginates for accurate impressions.
  • Naturally hydrophilic for an easy mix and excellent wettability of oral tissues.
  • Quick and easy to mix without bubbles and inconsistencies.
  • Patient and user-friendly, Apple-flavoured (Plastalgin) or Apricot-flavoured (Plastalgin Fast).
  • Dust-free formula.


Septodont Plastalgin is a highly acclaimed alginate impression material that has become a go-to choice for dental professionals worldwide. Plastalgin is available in two formulations: Plastalgin Normal Set and Plastalgin Fast Set, each offering specific benefits. Regardless of the formulation chosen, both provide dental practitioners with the perfect balance of working and setting times, making the impression process quick and convenient.

What sets Plastalgin apart is its ability to deliver precise impressions with excellent reproduction of marginal details. This is crucial for various dental applications, including case study models, orthodontic models, and the fabrication of casts for partial denture frameworks, removable orthodontic appliances, and occlusal splint appliances. It is also commonly used for mouthguards, provisional restorations, and bleaching trays.One of the notable advantages of Plastalgin is its dust-free formulation, which significantly reduces airborne particles during use. This not only creates a healthier environment for dental professionals and patients but also simplifies the cleanup process.

Plastalgin is a multi-purpose, dust-free alginate impression material that works quickly and easily. Plastalgin creates a mixed creamy homogenous consistency without excessive flow

Key Specifications

Plastalgin Normal Set:

  • Mixing Time: 45 seconds
  • Total Working Time: 2:15
  • Setting Time: 3:10
  • Viscosity: 38mm
  • Reproduction of Details: 20m
  • Deformation When Compressed: 12.50%

Plastalgin Fast Set:

  • Mixing Time: 30 seconds
  • Total Working Time: 1:15
  • Setting Time: 1:45
  • Viscosity: 36mm
  • Reproduction of Details: 50m
  • Deformation When Compressed: 12.50%


  • 1 x 454g Plastalgin

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Septodont Plastalgin Alginate Impression Material

US$26.00US$32.00 (-19%)

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