Septodont Marieflex Alginate Powder

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  • Marieflex is the “Normal” setting Alginate to adapt to different clinical situations
  • Class A alginates for accurate impressions
  • Naturally hydrophilic for an easy mix and excellent wettability of oral tissues
  • Quick and easy to mix without bubbles and inconsistencies
  • Patient and user-friendly, Mango flavour with yellowish orange color
  • Dust free formula.


Introducing Marieflex Alginate, the ideal solution for creating accurate impressions and fabricating various dental models and appliances. Marieflex Alginate is designed to adapt to different clinical situations, making it a versatile option for dentists and orthodontists. One of the standout features of Marieflex Alginate is its Class A quality, ensuring precise impressions for case studies and orthodontic models. This high level of accuracy allows for detailed analysis and effective treatment planning.
Marieflex Alginate is naturally hydrophilic, meaning it has excellent wettability of oral tissues. This property enables easy mixing without bubbles and inconsistencies, resulting in smooth and reliable impressions. The hydrophilic nature of the alginate also contributes to its patient and user-friendliness.

A major advantage of Marieflex Alginate is its quick and easy mixing process. The formula is specifically designed to be dust-free, eliminating any potential mess during preparation. Dentists and orthodontists can save valuable time without compromising on the quality of their impressions.The alginate is infused with a refreshing Mango flavor, which enhances the patient experience by adding a pleasant taste and aroma. The yellowish-orange color of the alginate further contributes to its attractive presentation.

Key Specifications

  • Type II: Normal Setting
  • Flavor: Mango
  • Colour: Yellow


  • 1 x 454gm Powder

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Septodont Marieflex Alginate Powder

US$28.00US$35.00 (-20%)

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