Dmg Silagum Putty With Light Body Kit

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  • Easy dosage.
  • Excellent recovery after deformation.
  • Easy removal from mouth.
  • Expectional kneadability.
  • Good dimensional stability.
  • Especially suited for two-phase impressions with Silagum-Light/Fast.
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Dmg Silagum Putty With Light Body Kit

Pre-impression material (Silagum-Putty) and correction impression material (Silagum-Light) based on A-silicones for all two-phase impression techniques. Silagum-Light is available in the Automix cartridge and as a hand-mixed variant.

Proven correction material based on VPS.

The use of Silagum-Light as the second phase of the correction technique or the double mixing technique ensures a precise impression of the marginal area of the preparation. Silagum-Light exhibits a convenient viscosity that simplifies the application, but at the same time ensures safe handling by the user.


Addition curing vinyl polysiloxanes, hydrogen polysiloxanes, fillers, pigments, additives, platinum catalyst


  • Crown and bridge impressions,
  • Inlay and onlay impressions


Silagum Putty :-

  • Easy dosage
  • Excellent recovery after   deformation
  • Easy removal from mouth
  • Expectional kneadability
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Especially suited for two-phase impressions with Silagum-Light/Fast

Silagum – Light

  • Good hydrophilic properties
  • Flowable viscosity
  • Available as normal or fast setting material

Key Specifications :-


Avoid contact with retraction solutions, because in some instances residues of retraction solutions can increase the setting time.

Never allow the impression to come into contact with organic solvents or liquids containing solvents as this may result in a swelling of the material and may therefore lead to inaccuracies in the cast

Avoid contact between the impression material and latex gloves because these inhibit the setting process. In the event of prior contact between the hands and latex gloves, wash hands thoroughly. It is recommended that PVC or PE based gloves be used

Do not mix Silagum with condensation curing silicone or polyether impression materials.

Instructions for use :-

Silagum-Putty can be used in all common impression trays. In order to improve the adhesion of the material to metal or plastic trays, a tray adhesive can be applied (e.g. DMG Tray Adhesive)

In order to ensure that the two impression materials bond securely with each other, a period of no more than 30 min may pass between the pre-impression and correction impression. Alternatively, it is possible to employ the double mixing impression technique

Recommended use :-

Double-mix impressions 1. Fill the tray with Silagum-Putty. 2. Syringe the preparations with Silagum-Light.

Note: The filling of the impression tray and syringing should be completed at the same time, because the higher temperature in the mouth leads to a quicker setting of the syringed material compared to the tray material

3. Position the filled impression tray in the mouth and allow the impression to form

4. Remove the impression from the mouth once the setting time has ended.

Correction impression :-

1. Fill the tray with Silagum-Putty and insert into the mouth within the working time. Maintain this position in accordance with the recommended intraoral setting time.

2. Remove the impression from the mouth once the setting time has ended.

3. Cut generous drainage channels into the preimpression for the wash and remove imperfections.

4. After repositioning, thoroughly rinse the impression with water and dry.

5. Apply Silagum-Light around the preparation and on the pre-impression

6. Position the tray in the mouth within the working time and initially exert brief pressure

7. Remove the impression from the mouth once the setting time has ended.

Removal of the impression :-

Remove the impression parallel to the longitudinal axis of the prepared teeth.

Cleaning and disinfection of the final impression :-

Only disinfect the final impression using dipping solutions. DMG recommends the use of a 2 % glutaraldehyde solution.

Please ensure that the disinfectant used is indicated for use with addition curing silicone impression materials

Follow the instructions of the disinfectant solution’s manufacturer precisely

Leave the final impression to dry and store until casting

Storage and shelf-life :-

Store at room temperature (15 – 25 °C/59 – 77 °F) in a dry place

Do not store in the fridge or freezer

Protect against exposure to direct sunlight

After the application, leave the used tip on the cartridge to cap unused material

Close the can again immediately after use

Do not use after the expiration date.

Packaging :-

  • 2 x 262ml Jars Silagum putty.
  • 2 x 50ml Cartiridge Silagum Light Body (Dispensing Gun & Tips Compatibility: 1:1)
  • 12 Automix Tips.


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Dmg Silagum Putty With Light Body Kit

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