Coltene One Coat Bond SL

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Coltene One Coat Bond SL

A strong dentin and enamel bond

One Coat Bond SL is a Total Etch adhesive for dentin and enamel with water based solvent. Its hydrophilic chemical reaction and the balanced composition allow complete penetration into the dentinal tubules, with perfect humidification of the dental structure, thereby promoting homogeneity in the resin layer.

  • Compatible with water – Excellent performance on dry and wet dentin
  • No loss of product into the environment
  • Greater coverage power: just one drop and one layer for perfect adhesion
  • Absence of volatile products that could be trapped under the veneer, jeopardizing adhesion
  • Does not cause postoperative sensitivity

A strong dentin and enamel bond

The hydrophilic nature of One Coat Bond SL guarantees a good wetting of the tooth surface and facilitates thorough penetration into collagen fibers and dentinal tubules.

Solvent-free – homogeneous bondlayer

One Coat Bond SL is compatible with water and does not require carrier solvent such as acetone or ethanol. Thus, One Coat Bond SL excludes solvent-related postoperative sensitivity while providing a consistent, homogeneous composition from the first to the last drop.


  • 5th generation adhesive
  • Water-based, does not evaporate and there is no waste
  • Technique of direct and indirect restorations
  • Only one application (Single layer)
  • Less sensible to humidity

INDICATIONS : Bonding adhesive restoration techniques

Direct filling technique

  • Adhesive bonding of composite and compomer materials to
    natural enamel and dentine
  • Dentine sealing
  • Sealing of sensitive tooth necks

Indirect restorative technique

  • Adhesive bonding of ceramic and composite patterns with indicated cement to natural enamel and dentine.

Adhesive bonding of other dental materials

  • Composite materials to pretreated ceramics
  • Composite material to composite material
  • Composite material to pretreated metals and amalgam


  • Easy and precise application
  • Homogeneous bond layer with one coat
  • Solvent free (95% bond-5% water) – No evaporation – more number of applications
  • Excellent marginal integrity and strong shear bond strength
  • High degree of technique tolerance – dry, moist or wet field
  • Base to avoid post operative sensitivity
  • Universal use – can be used for repair of metal crowns and bridges with composites also

Key Specification:-

Composition :

  • Methacrylates
  • Polyalkenoate methacrylized

Application :

  • Direct Filling Technique
  • Adhesive bonding of inlays/onlays, veneers and crowns
  • Adhesive bonding of other dental materials

Storage :

  • Store at 4–23 °C/39–73 °F.
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or other heat sources

Packaging :-

  • Polypack bottle of 5 ml and instructions for use
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    by Ethan Hewitt

    provides strong bond

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    by Belisama

    excellent bonding agent. happy with results.

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Coltene One Coat Bond SL

Coltene One Coat Bond SL

US$39.00US$55.00 (-29%)

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