TriHawk Amazalia FG 152 (Safe End Endo Bur)

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  • The tapered shape makes it easy to clear out the pulp chamber in a funnel shape for easier access with endo files.
  • Unique helix and blade design to maximize bio-material evacuation and easily enlarges endodontic access holes
  • A safe tip design ensures no perforation at the pulp chamber floor or root canal walls.
  • Single-piece full carbide increases strength and durability.
  • You may sometimes ALSO Use it for LABIAL CONTOURING OF COMPOSITES. No scratches. Just polish thereafter.


TriHawk Amazalia FG 152 (Safe End Endo Bur)

The name of the line, Amazilia, refers to a genus of hummingbird commonly found in North and South America. This bird provided the inspiration for our new line, the Amazilia’s slim and long beak resembles the heads of these burs. The hummingbird’s speed, agility, and elegance are also characteristics of our new line and our products in general. When developing these burs our goal was to achieve the ultimate balance between cutting speed, efficiency, and smoothness. After numerous iterations of these burs, we believe that we have achieved our goal. The unique blade angles and optimum helix created by our state-of-the-art machinery give our Amazilia line an unparalleled cutting efficiency as well as a fantastically smooth cut. The bio-material that can build up between the blades is evacuated with unequaled speed which drastically reduces the vibrations of the burs.

Key Specifications

  • Head Diameter (mm): 0.16
  • Head Length (mm): 11
  • Overall Length (mm): 28


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TriHawk Amazalia FG 152 (Safe End Endo Bur)

US$30.00US$35.00 (-14%)

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