TriHawk Tooth Preparation Bur Set FG (10 pcs)

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  • Long-life diamond burs.
  • Quality control tested.
  • High precision.
  • Reduce clogging and improve cutting efficiency.
  • The unique diamond application process ensures excellent diamond particle retention and cutting surface throughout multiple uses.
  • Friction grip (FG) standard shank length.
  • Autoclavable.


TRIHAWK is a world leader in manufacturing metal cutting bur and Talon10, the flagship product, has no parallel in the global market. Trihawk first manufactured the most affordable Zirconia Cutting Bur and then went into a few most used shapes of diamond burs. The philosophy is simple – use minimum shapes for max work. Control your inventory cost. Trihawk’s vision is simple and clear: To be the standard by which all other burs are judged.

  • Dental Diamond Burs for F.G.
  • Made of natural diamond powder with high hardness to guarantee the sharpness of burs
  • The shanks are made of top-grade stainless steel, which is hard and tensile and doesn’t break or bend easily or is never rusty.
  • Use for cutting, polishing teeth, or other mental or plastic materials
  • The diamond burs consist of a shank and a working head.
  • The shank is made of stainless steel,the working head is electroplated with Nickel titanium and diamond grit .no sterilization.

Key Specifications


TP 166-016C

  • Head Diameter 1.6mm
  • Head Length 10mm

TR 199-016C

  • Head Diameter 1.4mm
  • Head Length 10mm

SF 111-014C

  • Head Diameter 1.4mm
  • Head Length 8.5mm

SR 141-014C

  • Head Diameter 1.4mm
  • Head Length 8mm

SC 289-014C

  • Head Diameter 1.4mm
  • Head Length 8mm

FB 277-023XC

  • Max Diameter 2.3mm
  • Head Length 5mm

FB 277-023F

  • Max Diameter 2.3mm
  • Head Length 5mm

DB 037-037C

  • Max Diameter 3.7mm
  • Head Length 7mm


  • Max Diameter 1.8 mm
  • Head Length 8 mm


  • Max Diameter 1.6 mm
  • Head Length 10 mm


  • Head Diameter (mm): 1.4mm
  • Head Length (mm): 10mm


  • Pack of 10 burs

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TriHawk Tooth Preparation Bur Set FG (10 pcs)

US$85.00US$94.00 (-10%)

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