Dentsply AH 26 Root Canal Sealer

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  • AH 26 powder and resin are mixed to produce a root canal filling material of excellent sealing capacity.
  • Its close adaptation to the root canal walls and its very small contraction during setting.
  • AH 26 allows tightly sealing root canal obturation of excellent tissue compatibility.
  • Resin-based, nonacrylic, eugenol-free sealer.
  • Excellent radiopacity.
  • Suitable for all obturation techniques.

Dentsply AH 26 Root canal sealer

Dentsply AH Plus Root Canal Sealing Material is a two-component paste/paste root canal sealer based on epoxy-amine resin. The AH Plus sealer shows extremely low shrinkage making it a suitable choice of material to seal the root canal. It is a good sealer choice for use with ProTaper Thermafil obturators as the setting reaction is not adversely affected by thermoplastic obturation.


  • AH Plus sealer can be used in conjugation with obturating material to establish an adequate seal of the root canal system.


  • This root canal sealer can be used with a hot or cold obturation technique.
  • Achieves a tight seal
  • Self-adhesive properties
  • Dimensional stability
  • Excellent biocompatible
  • Exhibits moderate antimicrobial properties
  • Extremely radio-opaque so it is clearly visible on radiographs


Radio opacity

  • Depending on the condensation technique used, thicker layers (master point technique) down to very thin layers (lateral condensation technique) can be achieved. In order to ensure adequate visibility of the filling material even in these thin layers, the radio-opacity has further been increased in AH Plus. This was possible due to using new fillers with a greater absorption capacity.

Shrinkage, Solubility, and Expansion

  • The main objective of this AH Plus root canal filling is to achieve a high degree of tightness. The quality of the root canal filling directly depends on the shrinkage upon setting and the solubility of the material used, as these properties are decisive for the impermeability of the treated root canal.

Film Thickness

  • AH Plus has a film thickness of 26µm, which is clearly below the value of less than 50µm required by the ISO standard for root canal sealing materials.

Flow Behavior

  • The flow behavior of dental material is one of the most important handling properties. Firstly, favorable flow behavior results in easy mixing. Secondly, the filling material must be able to be introduced easily into the root canal and exhibit a certain stability there. Therefore, AH Plus has been designed to be slightly thixotropic. A flow of 36 mm also perfectly meets the requirements of the ISO standard (> 25 mm).

Sealing Abilities

  • AH Plus has an excellent ability to seal root canals and make them impermeable.

Adhesion to dentin

  • It gets easily adhered to the dentine and results in reducing the risk of root canal microleakage and maintaining a cohesive filling mass.

Key Specification:


AH Plus Paste A

  • Bisphenol-A epoxy resin
  • Bisphenol-F epoxy resin
  • Calcium tungstate
  • Zirconium oxide
  • Silica
  • Iron oxide pigments

AH Plus Paste B

  • Dibenzyldiamine
  • Aminoadamantane
  • Tricyclodecane-diamine
  • Calcium tungstate
  • Zirconium oxide
  • Silica
  • Silicone oil


  • Do not exchange caps of tubes. The colored cap belongs to the colored tube; the white cap belongs to the white tube.

Working Time

  • The working time is a minimum of 4 hours at 23 °C.

Setting Time

  • The setting time is at a minimum of 8 hours at 37 °C.


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dentsply ah 26 root canal sealer

Dentsply AH 26 Root Canal Sealer

US$89.00US$120.00 (-26%)

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