3m Espe Filtek Z250 Xt Restorative Procedural Kit

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3m Espe Filtek Z250 Xt Restorative Procedural Kit

Nano-hybrid composite restorative kit

  • Features:-

Excellent handling

Predictable esthetics

High strength

Good wear resistance

Easy to polish

Doesn’t stick to the instrument so is easy to adapt

Indicated for all direct restorations

  • Description:-

Filtek Z250 XT Universal Restorative – universal, light-cured, radiopaque, nano-hybrid restorative composite. With Filtek Z250XT restorative, you can satisfy patient expectations for a natural-looking, high quality restoration. Nanohybrid formulation resulted in high flexural strength, diametral tensile strength, wear resistance and improved polish retention.

  • Excellent handling: doesn’t stick to the instrument so is easy to adapt; doesn’t slump, yet will blend and feather; is easy to sculpt and holds its shape prior to cure; handles better than other hybrid composites.
  • Filtek Z250XT restorative is formulated for strong performance and is easy to polish – so you can count on predictable, reliable, patient-pleasing results in any indication.

Nanohybrid composites offer a reliable solution for a wide range of restorative needs.They contain a broad range of particle sizes for higher filler loading, which leads to strength that’s similar to a traditional hybrid. The addition of nano-sized particles gives the restoration better wear resistance and a surface that is easier to polish for good esthetic results.

  • Key Specifications:-

Cure type – Light cure

Delivery system – Syringe

Material – Nano hybrid

The shading system of Filtek Z250 XT Nano Hybrid Universal Restorative is based on the Vitapan Classical Shade Guide

  • Packaging:-

Filtek Z250 XT Nanohybrid 4 x 3g syringes (A1 A2 A3 A3.5)

Single Bond Universal – 3ml

50 x Microbrush

1 x Mixing Pad (small)

24 x Disposable Mixing Wells

How to use 3m Espe Filtek Z250 Xt Restorative Procedural Kit:-

Step 1 – Proper preparation technique for each procedure.

Step 2- Method of material placement—this involves complete understanding of tooth morphology and the sculpting techniques necessary to achieve it.

Step 3- Knowledge of layering and how to use various materials in combination—this will enhance the overall physical, aesthetic, and biologic results of each procedure (ie, when to use microhybrid, nano-fill, microfill, tints, and opaquers).

Step 4- Utilizing the proper finishing and polishing techniques—this will achieve the most lustrous, plaque- resistant, stain-resistant, and wear-resistant finished result.

Step 5- One must understand when and how to use finishing burs, discs, rubber impregnated points, and polishing paste to obtain the desired result


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3m Espe Filtek Z250 Xt Restorative Procedural Kit

3m Espe Filtek Z250 Xt Restorative Procedural Kit