Ammdent Nano Fill Hybrid Composite Kit

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Ammdent Nano Fill Hybrid Composite Kit

Ammdent Nano Fill Hybrid Composite Refill

Nano hybrid composite has excellent properties as a restorative material.


  • Moderate stress bearing areas
  • Class III or V restorations

Key Specifications :-

Particle size

Its particle size ranges from 0.1-2 micrometer glass or resin microparticles or 100nm nanoparticles.


  • High stress bearing area
  • Class I or II restorations

What are nanohybrid resin composites?

The nanohybrid resins generally presented inferior properties compared with the nanofilled composite and either similar or slightly better properties compared to the microhybrid material. Under clinical conditions, nanohybrid resins may not perform similarly to nanofilled materials.

Differences between various composites

Microfills Microhybrid Nanohybrid
Particle size 0.01 to 0.1 µm (agglomerated) 1-      0.1- to 2-µm glass

2-      40-nm silica

1- 0.1- to 2-µm glass or resin micro particles

2- ≤100-nm nanoparticles

Clinical use ·         Sub gingival lesions

·         Smooth surfaces

·         Anterior aesthetic

w.r.t (1) Moderate-stress areas requiring optimal polishability (Classes III, IV) Wrt  (1) Moderate-stress areas requiring optimal Polishability

w.r.t (2) (Classes III, IV)

Advantages ·         Simulates actual enamel surface

·         Highest aesthetic level

·         Better wear properties than any other

·         High luster and hold their polish over time

·         Stain and plaque resistant

·         Highest reflective and refractive indices hence more realistic translucency

·         Simulate the dentin of natural tooth structure.

·         Higher strength can be used as substructure under microfills enamel layer.

·          Most Opaque of the 3 composite types, also great for masking out unwanted color and achieving extreme color changes.

·         exhibit higher polishability

·         better surface smoothness

·          lifelike opacious translucency

Disadvantages ·         Less strength than micro and nanohybrid

·         Dec. water sorption

·         Less polishable

·         More difficult to marginate, and will wear faster than microfill resins.


·         donot hold their polish long  as microfills but better than microhybrids

·         More susceptible to plaque and staining over time.

·         Less biological compatible with gingival tissues


Indications ·         Class III & calss V ·         Anterior and posterior restorations

·         Can be used to fill the bulk of the tooth

·         posterior restorations

·         veneering manidbular anteriors

·          building up incisal edges

·          class IV restoration

·          increasing cuspid rise

·         when the doctor wants to use only one material

Packaging :-

  • 6 x 4.5gm Syringes (Shades A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3)
  • 1 x Etching Gel (Frost)
  • 2 x 3gm Bonding Agent
  • 10 x Plastic Applicator Brushes
  • 1 x Mixing Pad
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    by Willow Allen

    nice kit and in low prices.

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Ammdent Nano Fill Hybrid Composite Kit

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