Zhermack Gingifast Rigid

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Zhermack Gingifast Rigid

Laboratory A-Silicone for gingival reproduction on models. Rigid type.

Gingifast Rigid is indicated for the direct technique. Thanks to its balanced hardness, it can be worked easily with burs and is the top product in the field of implant prosthetics.

The gingival reproduction used in implant prosthesis simulates the conditioning of the gingival tissue for the determination of the shape of the cervical contours and the emergence profile of the prosthesis.

Advantages :-

  • The high elastic module facilitates model removal and reinsertion
  • Excellent aesthetic result due to its translucency characterized by veining

Features :-

  • Polyvinylsiloxanes (addition cured silicones) have an excellent dimensional stability, so the product will maintain a precise gingival margins for a long period of time
  • It can be applied directly onto the dry impression (direct technique)
  • Excellent aesthetic results

Key Specifications :-

  • Mixing ratio  – 1:1
  • Setting time  – 10 minutes
  • Shelf life, 24 months at 5 to 27° C

Packaging :-

  • 2 x 50 ml cartridges
  • 1 x Gingifast Separator bottle 10 ml
  • 12 x yellow mixing tips
  • 12 x yellow intraoral tips
  • 1 x spray

Direction to Use:-

Technique for implants – direct method

  1. Directly on the impression, define the area you intend to reproduce with gingiva by building a wax border.
  2. Apply Separator all over the surface involved. Wait until the Separator is dry.
  3. Insert the Gingifast cartridge in the dispenser, apply the mixing tip and the fine tip. In order to improve the flow of silicone during injection, we suggest you cut the end off the fine tip.
  4. Start injecting slowly, pressing on the dispenser lever. The material flows into all areas, even those which are difficult to see. Total working time is about 2 minutes at 23° C (73° F). Wait for a minimum of 10 minutes until it is completely set 23° C (73° F).
  5. Create the model as usual, using materials such as plaster, polyurethane resin, etc. There is no need to insulate: Gingifast is compatible with all casting materials when it is set.
  6. When the model is ready, remove the impression, then carefully remove the gingiva reproduced.
  7. Proceed with finishing. Remove burr using regular cutting tools which have been sharpened well or a knife for soft materials.
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    Excellent aesthetic result 👌👌👌

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    Excellent aesthetic results👏

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    by amatereso

    Excellent aesthetic result due to its translucency characterized by veining

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Zhermack Gingifast Rigid

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