Unident Dental Stone Plaster Dispenser 5Kg

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  • Robust Build: Constructed with durable stainless steel (304 grade) for long-term reliability.
  • Dual Material Variants: Available in mild sheet with stoving paint or complete stainless steel for varied preferences.
  • 5kg Capacity: Generous capacity suitable for various dental applications.
  • Precise Operation: Effortless press-on switch mechanism for accurate plaster dispensing.
  • Hygienic Design: Interior stainless steel ensures cleanliness and sanitation during use.
  • User-Friendly: Simple controls and ergonomic design for easy handling in dental procedures.
  • Professional Aesthetic: Sleek and professional appearance suitable for clinical environments.


Dental Stone Plaster Dispenser (Mild Sheet With Stoving Paint) 5Kg

The Dental Stone Plaster Dispenser, crafted with an exterior of mild sheet featuring a durable stoving paint finish, is a reliable tool in dental laboratories. Its robust stainless steel 304-grade interior ensures longevity and hygiene. Activated by a convenient press-on switch, this dispenser boasts a generous 5kg capacity, facilitating seamless operations during dental procedures. Designed for efficiency and durability, it stands as an essential apparatus for precise and controlled dispensing of dental stone plaster. Ideal for professionals seeking quality and reliability, this dispenser guarantees accuracy while maintaining a sleek and resilient build, meeting the stringent demands of dental work.

Dental Stone Plaster Dispenser (Stainless Steel 304 Grade ) 5Kg

The Dental Stone Plaster Dispenser crafted from Stainless Steel 304 Grade stands as a pinnacle of durability and functionality. With an exterior and interior both fashioned from this premium material, it boasts a sleek, dull finish ensuring longevity and easy maintenance. The dispenser operates effortlessly with a press-on switch, allowing precise control over the 5kg capacity. Its stainless steel construction guarantees hygiene and resilience to corrosion, ideal for dental settings. This dispenser represents a fusion of reliability, hygiene, and efficient functionality, catering to the precise needs of dental professionals seeking top-notch quality in their tools and equipment.

Key Specifications

  • Capacity: 5kg
  • Body Material: Stainless Steel 304 grade
  • Exterior Finish: Mild sheet with stoving paint (Variant 1)
  • Operation: Press-on switch
  • Hygiene: Interior stainless steel for cleanliness
  • Variant Options: Mild sheet with stoving paint / Stainless Steel 304 grade


Unident Dental Stone Plaster Dispenser 5Kg

  • Stainless Steel 304 Grade

Unident Dental Stone Plaster Dispenser 5Kg

  • Mild Sheet With Stoving Paint

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Unident Dental Stone Plaster Dispenser 5Kg

US$408.00US$470.00 (-13%)

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