SuperEndo Dental Buchanan Hand Pluggers

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  • Made of medical-grade stainless steel and Niti material on each tip end Root canal vertical filling plugger.
  • Highly polished finish for aesthetic and corrosion resistance
  • High Degree of Precision and Flexibility while conducting the endo filling
  • Premium Quality Stainless Steel handles with Superior Craftsmanship


Superendo Buchanan Hand Pluggers are used to assist in the operation of endodontic vertical filling and condensation. Stainless steel tip end and Niti tip end switchable to realize precise and flexible endo filling.

Buchanan Hand Pluggers Featuring both a tapered nickel-titanium end and a stainless steel end, Buchanan Hand PIuggers can be used in any common obturation technique, including warm and cold condensation. The pluggers are also ideal for backfilling canals.

Use the colour-coded NiTi end for finishing off condensation procedures in even the most radically curved canals. Either end may condense and control the movement of gutta percha under pressure. In addition, the Buchanan Hand Pluggers are fabricated of the highest grade materials for excellent durability and sterilization.

The Buchanan Hand Plugger Yellow Tip is used in minimally shaped canals or canals with severe curvatures in their coronal halves. Its NiTi apical plugger end is 0.25 mm in diameter, so it can condense the apical mass without binding. Its stainless steel orifice plugger side is 0.75 mm for ideal condensation of the backfill at the orifice level in MIE shapes smaller than 1.0 mm.

The Buchanan Hand Plugger Red Tip is used for downpacking most of the small canals that are typically prepared to size 20-0.06, 30-0.06, and 40-0.06 shapes. Its NiTi apical plugger end is 0.4 mm in diameter, so it can condense the apical mass of gutta-percha without binding the canal. Its stainless steel plugger end is 0.8 mm to deliver ideal condensation at the orifice when the canal has been shaped with files having a 1.0-mm maximum flute diameter.

The Buchanan Hand Plugger Blue Tip is used for medium and large canals shaped to 30-0.08 or larger. Its NiTi apical end is 0.7 mm in diameter and its stainless steel orifice end is 1.35 mm in diameter.

Key Specifications

Material: Nickel Titanium & Stainless Steel Tip

Buchanan Hand Plugger White Tip

  • Stainless tip size- 0.02/0.68
  • NiTi Tip Size- 0.03/0.09

Buchanan Hand Plugger Yellow Tip

  • Stainless tip size- 0.02/0.75
  • NiTi Tip Size- 0.03/0.25

Buchanan Hand Plugger Red Tip

  • Stainless tip SIze- 0.02/0.80
  • NiTi Tip SIze- 0.03/0.40

Buchanan Hand Plugger Blue Tip

  • Stainless tip size- 0.02/1.3
  • NiTi Tip Size- 0.03/0.70


  • 1 x Hand Plugger

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SuperEndo Dental Buchanan Hand Pluggers

US$40.00US$46.00 (-13%)

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