SuperEndo Pro Glide Files

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  • Glide Path Preparation
  • Small taper size (2%)
  • Saves Time and Effort
  • NiTi files with Gold Thermal Treatment
  • Faster instrumentation time than with manual K-files
  • Unlike manual path files, doesn’t push debris in apical direction
  • Less canal transportation than with manual K-files
  • Works perfectly well in narrow, severely curved and calcified canals.


Pro Glide Files are rotary endodontic files are glide path nickel titanium rotary files in endodontics. They are used for establishing a glide path in rotary endodontics.

It features increased flexibility and more resistance to cyclic fatigue. Flexible and resistant to cyclic fatigue, these files offer many advantages compared to manual stainless steel files, including less canal transportation than with manual K-files, more flexibility than K-files, faster instrumentation time than with manual K-files and are suitable for curved canals.

Pro Glide file helps in establishment of predictable glide path and decreases chairtime with reduced risk of file breakage. Most complex root canal anatomy can be securely negotiated thanks to its superior flexibility, while its strength prevents cyclic fatigue and breakage.

The Pro Glide system comprises 3 rotary NiTi instruments, available in lengths 21 & 25mm.

The taper of all the instruments is .02 and the tip diameters are:

G1 (violet) tip ISO 13

G2 (white) tip ISO 16

G3 (yellow) tip ISO 19

Key Specifications

  • Constant Fixed Taper Design
  • Reduced cyclic fatigue
  • Superior flexibility
  • Speed – 300 rpm
  • Torque : 2- 5.2Ncm
  • Continuous rotation motion.


  • Pack Of 3

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SuperEndo Pro Glide Files

US$28.00US$35.00 (-20%)

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