Super Endo Gold Hand Protaper Files Pack Of 6

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Super Endo Gold Hand Protaper Files Pack Of 6

SuperEndo Protaper Hand Files are quality files that feature a better nickel titanium construction than ProTaper Universal Rotary Files – plus ISO-colored handles. Their variable taper and advanced flute design offer efficiency to achieve consistent shaping, even under calcified canals.

ProTaper geometries

A unique feature of the ProTaper files, compared to other file systems, is each instrument has changing percentage tapers over the length of its cutting blades. In use, this progressively tapered design significantly improve flexibility, cutting efficiency, and safety. Another feature of the ProTaper instruments relates to their convex, triangular cross-section, which enhances the cutting action while decreasing the rotational friction between the blade of the file and dentin. ProTaper files have a changing helical angle and pitch over their cutting blades, which reduces the potential of an instrument from inadvertently screwing into the canal. The ProTaper files each have a noncutting, modified guiding tip. This feature allows each instrument to safely follow the secured portion of a canal, while the small flat on its tip enhances its ability to find its way through soft tissue and debris. The ProTaper system is comprised of three Shaping and five Finishing files.

The shaping files

Shaping File No. 1 and Shaping File No. 2, termed S1 and S2, have purple and white identification rings on their handles, respectively. The S1 and S2 files have D0 diameters of 0.17 mm and 0.20 mm, respectively, and their D14 maximal flute diameters approach 1.20 mm. The Auxiliary Shaping File, termed SX, has no identification ring on its gold-colored handle and, with a shorter overall length of 19 mm, provides excellent access when space is restrictive. The SX file has a D0 diameter of 0.19 mm and a D14 diameter approaching 1.20 mm. The Shaping files have increasingly larger percentage tapers over the length of their cutting blades, allowing each instrument to engage, cut, and prepare a specific area of the canal and perform its own ‘crown down’ work. Because SX has a much quicker rate of taper between D1 and D9 as compared to the other ProTaper Shaping files, it is primarily used after the S1 and S2 files to more fully shape canals in coronally broken down or anatomically shorter teeth.

The finishing files

Five Finishing files named F1, F2, F3, F4, and F5 have yellow, red, blue, double black, and double yellow identification rings on their handles corresponding to D0 diameters and apical tapers of 20/07, 25/08, 30/09, 40/06, and 50/05, respectively. From D4–D14 each instrument has a decreasing percentage taper which serves to improve flexibility, reduce the potential for dangerous taper-lock, and reduce the potential to needlessly overenlarge the coronal two-thirds of any given canal.

ProTaper shaping technique

Endodontic outcomes are improved when instruments pass through the access opening, effortlessly slide down smooth axial walls, and are easily inserted into the orifice. The potential to consistently shape canals and clean root canal systems is significantly enhanced when the coronal two-thirds of the canal is first pre-enlarged, followed by preparing its apical one-third.

Features :-

1. Easy

  • Only one instrument sequence whatever the canal shape
  • Colour-coded and easy to follow protocol
  • Drying and obturation solutions specifically designed for Protaper® files, with the same color-codes for instant identification

2. Fast

  • Only 3 instruments needed for most cases
  • High cutting power

3. Efficient 

  • Apical taper for good canal cleaning
  • Fantastic debris removal due to the unique ‘Multiple Taper’ design of these instruments

Key Specifications :-

Shaping Files

Variable Increasing Taper(Eiffel Tower shape)

  • S1 – 18
  • S2 – 20
  • Sx – 19

Finishing Files

F1, F2, F3 , F4 , F5 Shape the Apical part of the canal

Packaging :-

  • Pack Of 6

Direction to Use :-

The lubricating action of Glyde helps the instruments to slide in the canal and Establish the working length

Don’t use Sx deep in the canal If needed, use SX with a brushing motion to relocate the orifice of the canal and create straight-line access(don’t use Sx deep in the canal)

Use S1 with a brushing motion and enlarge the canal, no deeper than the level of the penetration of the scouting file(to make sure that the tip of S1is never blocked)Using the Path file, go to the working length that you established earlier

After going to length with a stainless steel file size 15, use : S1 to working length with a brushing motion.Using the Path file this step is skipped

When S1 reaches a working length, use : S2 to working length with a brushing motion

When S2 reaches a working length, use : F1 to working length.CAUTION!NEVER USE A BRUSHING ACTION WITH THE FINISHING FILES !!! When a finishing file reaches the working length, It is immediately withdrawn.


Gauge the diameter of the foramen with stainless steel files and if the foramen is larger than 20, use F2, F3 to working length, according to the real apical diameter.

FAQs :-

Q. What is ProTaper file ?

A. ProTaper files have a changing helical angle with variable taper and pitch over their cutting blades, which reduces the potential of an instrument from inadvertently screwing into the canal.

Q. Are these files exactly like dentsply protaper gold ?

A. Yes, they are exactly made like dentsply protaper gold with the same progressive taper and flexibility.

Q. How are these files so low priced comparatively ?

A. The low branding cost and supply chain distribution cost allows Superendo to pass the benefit of cost to dentists directly across the world.

Q. Are these files heat treated ?

A. SuperEndo Gold Flex are rotary files made of thermo-mechanically processed Controlled Memory NiTi Wires. These wires increase the flexibility of the files and reduce the shape memory.

Q. Are Superendo Gold Hand ProTaper files NiTi?

A. These Hand ProTaper files are made with proven M-Wire NiTi. This patented alloy offers greater flexibility than traditional NiTi for navigating even challenging canals. It also provides greater resistance to cyclic fatigue, the leading cause of file separation.

Q. How does decreasing the percentage taper over a portion of a file’s cutting blades serve to improve flexibility? By reducing the amount of alloy or anything else?

A. The ProTaper Finishing files F1, F2, and F3 have fixed tapers of 7, 8 and 9%, respectively, in their apical extents. However, from D4-D14 they have decreasing percentage  tapers even though each cross-sectional diameter gets larger over length. If you build a file with a fixed taper over length, it will be much larger, more stiff and less flexible, plus it will indiscriminately continue to enlarge the coronal two-thirds of the canal that has already been optimally prepared. In other words, the smaller the percentage taper, the more flexible the file. As an example a 20/.04 file is more flexible than the 20/.06 or 20/.08 files.

Additional information


19mm, 21mm, 25mm


SX, S1, S2, F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, Assorted SX-F3

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Super Endo Gold Hand Protaper Files Pack Of 6

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