Super Endo Endodontic Endo Access Bur Kit

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Super Endo Endodontic Bur Kit

SuperEndo Endodontic Bur Kit has several types of burs used to accomplish good access cavity preparation prior to endodontic treatment.The set consists of 7 types of burs(E-014LC, ENDO Z, 697-014M, E-012C, 697-017M, E-016C and E-018C).These are instrumental in creating the initial access,removal of carious dentin,removal of unsupported enamel,creating a flat floor,removal of the roof of pulp chamber,creating a proper outline form of the access cavity.

Features :-

  • Efficient
  • Precision and Smooth Cutting Burs
  • Diamond Burs with varying coarseness
  • Produces less heat
  • Autoclavable

Key Specifications :-

Package Dimensions : 9.4 x 3.5 x 2.4 inches

Set of 7 Burs

  • E-014LC
  • ENDO Z
  • 697-014M
  • E-012C
  • 697-017M
  • E-016C
  • E-018C

Packaging :-

  • 1 x 7 Burs in Super Endo Bur Kit

Direction to Use :-

  • Insert the instrument as deeply as possible into the chuck (Friction Grip).
  • Set the handpiece at the required working speed before applying the instrument to the treated area.
  • Apply a maximum operating force of 0.4 [N] and do not exceed a speed of 230’000 [rpm].
  • Activate water spray during the entire treatment (minimum 50 mL/min).
  • Regulate water flow in case of water excess or shortage.
  • It is recommended to use a dental dam.
  • Use the instruments over the entire length of their working part and not just at the tip, so as to avoid an unconscious increase of the contact pressure causing local overheating.
  • Once the preparation has been completed, remove the instrument from the site and allow it to come to a standstill.
  • It is recommended to wear gloves and safety glasses.

FAQs :-

Q. How to Sterilize these Endodontic Access Burs ?

A. Use only cleaning/disinfection solutions that provide corrosion protection. In case of tungsten carbide instruments, avoid contact with H2O3 (hydrogen peroxide). It attacks and damages tungsten carbide. Use a single-pulsed or fractionated vacuum autoclave and subvacuum drying. Chemiclave sterilizers may also be used.

Q. When to dispose these Endodontic Access Burs ?

A. Check for possible damages; dispose of oxydized, blunt and eccentric instruments. Dispose of tungsten carbide instruments with fractured and incorrectly shaped blades.

Q. What should I do to prevent instrument fracture ?

A. Avoid jamming or levering actions when rotating, as this increases the risk of instrument breakage. Never exceed the specified maximum speed. Avoid applying forces greater than the recommended values, as this could cause damage to the instrument and the treated area. Always Check for possible damages; dispose of oxydized, blunt and eccentric instruments.

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  1. 07

    by Matthew Barnett

    perfect company to deal with.

  2. 07

    by zhiming

    Efficient.Precision and Smooth Cutting Burs.Diamond Burs with varying coarseness.Produces less heat

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Super Endo Endodontic Endo Access Bur Kit

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