Sun B-Class Autoclave with Printer

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  • Euro Class B high volume tabletop sterilizers, with 3 pulsating vacuum. Vacuum up to -0.9Bar (-0.09Mpa) Suitable to sterilize wrap, unwrap, solid porous, hollow device
  • Equipped with advanced 16-bit microprocessor, easy and precise
  • Double door locking system, more secure with auto door system
  • With B & D test and vacuum test procedures for penetration testing
  • New design for steam generates ensure effective and stable sterilizing
  • Precise digital display shows time, pressure, temperature and other dates clearly
  • Alarming system for both clean water lacking and waste water surplus
  • LED Display, easy operation, stainless steel water tank, high density bacteria filter


Automatic sterilization, automatic drying, keep-temperature function, adjustable aterilization time, accurate temperature control, safety protection design, monitoring system

Key Specifications

  • Sterilization Method: Pressure steam
  • Sterilization scale: All kinds of virus,bacteria,prion.
  • Sterilization Temperature: 121Centi degree, 134Centi degree,user-defined
  • Sterilization time: 121C- 20 minutes, 134C – 4 minutes,user-defined (user-defined time)
  • Sterilization result: 100% completed sterilization
  • Intended use: All wrapped or non-wrapped, solid, hollow load products type A and porous products
  • Inner Micro-Printer
  • CEME or ULKA Valve & Pump
  • The Jet type of Steam Generator
  • Imported Double Head Vacuum Pump
  • Chamber punched by #304 Stainless Steel


Model No.SUNII-23-A
Inner Chamber249*450
Sterilization Cycle Time35-60 Mins
Water RequiredDistilled Water
Unit Size640*445*395
Packing Size768*565*490


  • 1 complete unit of Autoclave with internal sterlization basket
  • 1 x Adapter
  • Necessary tubings

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Sun B-Class Autoclave with Printer

US$2,821.00US$3,200.00 (-12%)

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