Shofu Beautifil Bulk Restorative Composite

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Shofu Beautifil Bulk Restorative Composite

Beautifil-Bulk is a visible light-cured, Giomer based direct resin system developed for faster, easier and simpler restoration with one single increment of up to 4mm. A unique balance of resin with new monomers and fillers provide deep cure, minimal polymerization shrinkage stress and optimal physical properties with remarkable shade match and all round fluoride protection.

BEAUTIFIL-Bulk Restorative is a light-cured radiopaque restorative material. It is predominantly designed to be used for posterior restorations including occlusal surfaces and can be placed in 4 mm increments. is a sculptable paste designed for dentin and enamel replacement, by building upto the natural contour of the tooth.


  • Direct posterior restoration including occlusal surfaces
  • Core build up
  • Deciduous restoration


  • Low polymerization shrinkage and shrinkage stress
  • Excellent depth of cure of upto 4mm
  • Optimal translucency with excellent optical characteristics for remarkable shade match
  • High radiopacity and superior mechanical properties
  • S-PRG fillers impart sustained fluoride benefit with anti-plaque effect



All it takes is just one step and one increment of upto 4 mm to replace just the dentin or both dentin and enamel.


Depth of Cure is considered to be a crucial factor in determining the success of Bulk fil restorations. BEAUTIFIL-Bulk Flowable and Restorative deep cure upto 4 mm, while maintaining optimal translucency


BEAUTIFIL-Bulk Flowable and Restorative resins comprise of 4 different types of resins and fillers, balanced in varying ratios to minimize polymerization shrinkage and shrinkage stress while assuring optimum viscosity for ease of handling and greater wear resistance.


Most conventional Bulk fil materials are too translucent to allow greater depth of light penetration and hence do not match surrounding tooth structure. The unique filler structure in BEAUTIFIL-Bulk Flow and Restorative materials optimize light transmission and diffusion within the entire material, to blend in well with the surrounding tooth structure for a remarkable shade match. S-PRG Fillers in BEAUTIFIL-Bulk exhibit a complex interaction with incident light to balance light transmission and diffusion, to ensure greater depth of cure while mimicking the shade of the restored tooth for a superior chameleon effect, even with just one shade


BEAUTIFIL-Bulk Flowable materials are based on S-PRG filler technology that is known to provide a fluoride rich environment through the sustained release and recharge of fluoride. S-PRG fillers help to neutralise the effects of acidogenic bacterial flora, create an acid resistant layer and promote remineralization while imparting an anti-plaque effect on the restoration surface.

Key Specifications:


  • Bis-GMA
  • UDMA
  • Bis-MPEPP
  • S-PRG filler based on fluoroboroaluminosilicate glass
  • Polymerization initiator
  • Pigments and others

Direction to Use :

1.Cleaning of tooth surface Thoroughly clean the tooth surface to remove plaque

2. Shade selection Select appropriate shade using a shade guide while the tooth is still moist

3. Cavity preparation Prepare the cavity following the conventional method

4. Isolation Use a rubber dam etc to isolate the treatment area from contamination

5. Placement of matrix Place a matrix band in the case where the cavity involves proximal area. Follow the matrix manufac- turer’s instructions for use

6. Pulp protection In the case where the affected area is close to the pulp, cap the pulp with calcium hydroxide etc

7. Adhesive application Apply dentin adhesive following the manufacturer’s instructions for use.

8. Flowable application To achieve optimal adaptation of the prepared tooth, apply a flowable restorative material as a liner

9. Application Dispense adequate amount of BEAUTIFIL-Bulk Restorative onto a paper pad from the syringe. Apply the dispensed material into the cavity using a suitable instrument and create the shape desired. When using a tip, insert the tip into the dispenser (BEAUTIFIL Tip Dispenser etc) to apply the material directly into the cavity. The tip material may also be dispensed onto a paper pad to be applied into the cavity with a suitable instrument. In deeper preparations, place material in 4 mm increments. ・Grip the dispenser gently to dispense the material slowly. Excessive pressure may cause Tips to rupture or to eject from the dispenser

10. Light-curing Light-cure each layer (up to 4 mm increment) using a dental light-curing unit. In the case where restored area is large, divide it into some parts to light-cure.

11. Finishing and polishing After light-curing, contour, finish and polish following the conventional method.


  • 1 x 4.5g Syringe

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Shofu Beautifil Bulk Restorative Composite Universal U Shade, Shofu Beautifil Bulk Restorative Composite A Shade

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    by Harshiv

    High radiopacity and superior mechanical properties

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    Excellent depth of cure of upto 4mm

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Shofu Beautifil Bulk restorative u

Shofu Beautifil Bulk Restorative Composite

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