Pulpdent Embrace WetBond Seal and Shine

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Pulpdent Embrace WetBond Seal and Shine

  • Embrace WetBond Seal-n-Shine is the first moist-bonding resin specifically designed for sealing, finishing and polishing composite restorations. It offers excellent sealing ability and abrasion resistance while producing a high luster finish. Seal-n-Shine is formulated with an advanced, hydrophilic, Resin Acid-Integrating Network (R.A.I.N.) unique to the Embrace technology. It bonds chemically and mechanically to tooth structure and composite in the presence of moisture, providing strong bonds to dentin and enamel and a margin-free restoration.
  • Seal-n-Shine penetrates and seals porosities and cracks within composites, seals margins, and pro-
  • vides quick finishing and polishing of composite, etched or abraded ceramic restorations and acrylic temporary crowns. It is also indicated for repairing cracked teeth, sealing of non-carious or precarious lesions, enamel defects and notches, and for sealing the margins of indirect restorations cemented with resin cement.
  • Seal-n-Shine contains no solvents. It requires no mixing or adding of solvents or other modifiers. Seal-n-Shine is unfilled, and its viscosity is ideally suited for convenient manipulation and controlled application, without being too runny or too thick.
  • Seal-n-Shine is a clear resin that provides a smooth, durable finish, eliminates final finishing and polishing steps, does not alter the occlusal anatomy of the tooth, and does not discolor the restoration.
  • Seal-n-Shine cures with all curing lights. Upon light curing, the material is impervious to water and creates an outstanding marginal seal. Placing Embrace Seal-n-ShineTM over a composite restoration and the enamel margins seals the restoration and provides exceptional marginal integrity, esthetic results and protection for both the tooth and the restoration.

Features :-

  • Eliminates microleakage.
  • Provides smooth, durable, long-lasting, protective finish.
  • Cures clear. No yellow tint.
  • Eliminates final finishing and polishing steps.
  • Heals white lines. Prevents marginal staining.
  • Tough and resilient.

Packaging :-

  • 6 mL bottle, 100 brush tips, brush handle

Direction to Use :-

Dry ceramic, metal, resin desensitized, prehybridized and cured resin surfaces. Leave prepared tooth surface slightly moist. Slightly moist tooth surfaces exhibit neither dryness nor pooling of water. Lightly dry and remove excess water with compressed air or a cotton pellet. Tooth surfaces should be shiny or glossy. Overly wet surfaces will result in decreased bond strength.

1. For enamel and composite, etch or microabrade for 10 seconds. For ceramic surfaces, place rubber dam and etch with Pulpdent Porcelain Etch Gel for 2 minutes. Pulpdent Kool-Dam should be used to protect soft tissue, teeth or porcelain surfaces, as required.
2. Rinse well. Dry ceramic, metal, resin desensitized, prehybridized and cured resin surfaces. Lightly dry enamel and leave prepared tooth surface slightly moist.
3. When necessary, place dental floss through the contacts and leave it in the embrasures. Use later to clear contacts and prevent bonding to adjacent tooth surfaces. The teeth can be wedged and a mylar strip can be placed, if desired.

4. Apply a thin coat of Seal-n-Shine to the etched tooth and restorative surfaces with a flocked dis-
penser tip or a clean brush.

5. Remove the dental floss by lifting interproximally through the contacts. It is important for the contacts to be open.

6. Light cure. Seal-n-Shine cures with all lights. Curing time for a halogen light with a minimum of 300mW/cm2 is 20 seconds. More powerful lights will cure faster.

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    by Suzanne Sims

    easy to use and results are also good

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    by Miriam Goss

    Provides smooth, durable, long-lasting, protective finish.

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Pulpdent Embrace WetBond Seal and Shine

Pulpdent Embrace WetBond Seal and Shine

US$120.00US$190.00 (-37%)

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