Ortho Direct Titanium Retainer Wires

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  • Long Straight Wires
  • A bright, smooth, flat surface.
  • Medical grade superior quality Pure titanium wire.
  • Stress relieved for superior tensile strength with less brittleness.
  • Accurate placement and consistent shape to ensure superior results.
  • A bonded, flat wire for permanent or semi-permanent retention of tooth position.



The Titanium retention system has a high tensile strength and does not snap in physiological conditions. The wire is made of grade III titanium and is extremely biocompatible. Moreover, the wire has a unique braided construction, which provides enhanced bonding strength. The low profile of the wire makes it comfortable for patients.


  • Used for fixed lingual retainers.


  • Bonded to the lingual surface, this is unobtrusive, aesthetic, and requires little patient cooperation.
  • Flat Lingual Retainer Wire is ideal for maxillary and mandibular bonded lingual retainers.
  • Will not fray when cut, can be bonded into place using any type of adhesive.
  • Flat Lingual Retainer Wire is used to make permanent fixed lingual retainers following orthodontic treatment.
  • The retainer wire features a very thin rectangular shape that can be adapted with no occlusal interference while ensuring patient comfort.
  • It prevents inadvertent tooth movement associated with active force wires.
  • It could be used right away in the dentist’s office on the patient’s teeth and there is no need for additional laboratory adjustments or precautions.
  • Nothing can secure the teeth positioning after the orthodontic treatment better than the Flat Lingual Retainer Wire.

Key Specifications

  • Material: Titanium


  • Pack of 10

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Ortho Direct Titanium Retainer Wires

US$52.00US$58.00 (-10%)

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