NT Gold Pro Retreatment Files

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  • Specialized for Gutta Percha removal in root canal retreatment.
  • 2x better cyclic fatigue resistance.
  • High fracture resistance.
  • Laser markings for easy identification.
  • Multiple length options (D1: 16 mm, D2: 18 mm, D3: 22 mm).
  • Recommended speed settings (D1: 500 RPM, D2: 400 RPM, D3: 300 RPM).
  • Suggested torque setting: 2.5 Ncm.
  • Versatile for various obturation materials.
  • Designed for safe operation.
  • Stringent quality control standards.


NT Gold Pro Retreatment Files is an exceptional advancement in endodontic instruments, specifically engineered for the meticulous task of root canal retreatment. These rotary files, crafted with precision in Europe, excel in removing Gutta Percha points and other filling materials from compromised root canals. Distinguished by their remarkable features, these files offer unmatched durability with 2x superior cyclic fatigue resistance compared to conventional files, ensuring longevity during demanding procedures. Their high fracture resistance further underscores their reliability. The shanks of these files are laser-marked, providing clear taper and size information for easy identification and use. Available in multiple lengths, these files cater to various clinical needs. The recommended RPM settings and torque specifications ensure the safe and efficient removal of filling materials, maintaining a gentle touch in circumferential filing motions. The NT Gold Pro Retreatment Files are indispensable tools, facilitating precision and success in root canal retreatments, ultimately enhancing patient care and outcomes in the field of endodontics.


Key Specifications


  • D1: 16 mm
  • D2: 18 mm
  • D3: 22 mm

Recommended Speed Settings:

  • D1: 500 RPM (Revolutions Per Minute)
  • D2: 400 RPM
  • D3: 300 RPM

Recommended Torque Setting:

  • 2.5 Ncm (Newton Centimeters)


Pack Of 3 Files

  • 1 x D1(16mm)
  • 1 x D2(18mm),
  • 1 x D3(22mm)

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NT Gold Pro Retreatment Files

US$52.00US$58.00 (-10%)

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