NeoEndo Neopure C-Silicone Impression Material

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  • Good flowability and rigidity
  • Good visibility- the color contrast of the putty & light body ensures better impression interpretation
  • High impression accuracy and precision
  • High tear strength- minimizes the risk of the impression tearing while removing from the patient’s mouth
  • Balance between the working and setting time
  • Biocompatible- allows to use safely on patients with damaged mucosa
  • High dimensional stability even after disinfection
  • Good final hardness- ensures accurate model
  • Pleasant taste – Mint flavor & odor


Neopure C-Silicone is a range of Rubber Based Condensation Impression Material. High viscosity condensation polysiloxane (base) is recommended for the two-phase technique (double step impression) in combination with Neopure C-Silicone Light Body.


  • Fixed and removable prostheses
  • Crowns, bridges, onlays, and inlays
  • Complete dentures

Key Specifications

ParameterPuttyLight Body
ISO 4823Type 0 Putty ConsistencyType 3 Light Body Consistency
Mixing Time30 sec30 sec
Working Time1 min 30 sec1 min 30 sec
Time in Mouth3 Min3.30 Min
Setting Time4 min 30 sec5 min
Shore Hardness After 8Hrs65NA
Shore Hardness After 8Hrs7535
Shrinkage< 0.2%< 0.7%
Elastic Recovery< 98%< 99%
Detail Reproduction20 m20 m


 NeoEndo Neopure C-silicone Material Kit

  • 1 x 1500gm Putty
  • 1 x 140gm Light Body
  • 1 x 70gm Catalyst

NeoEndo Neopure C-silicone Putty

  • 1 x 1500gm Putty

NeoEndo Neopure C-silicone Catalyst Gel

  • 1 X 70gm Catalyst Gel

NeoEndo Neopure C-silicone Light Body

  • 1 x 140gm Light Body


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NeoEndo Neopure C-Silicone Impression Material

US$24.00US$29.00 (-17%)

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