Monarch NI-17A Portable Suction Unit

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  • Versatile suction capabilities: Designed for oral, nasal, and tracheal aspiration, catering to a variety of medical scenarios.
  • Adjustable vacuum levels: Allows precise control of the vacuum level, ranging from 0 to 760mmHg, ensuring optimal suctioning for different applications.
  • High vacuum capability with low flow: Provides powerful suctioning performance while maintaining efficient airflow, contributing to effective aspiration.
  • Convenient front panel controls: Equipped with an aspiration regulator and vacuum indicator for easy adjustment and monitoring of the applied vacuum pressure.
  • Continuous operation: The unit operates continuously during suction procedures, ensuring uninterrupted performance.
  • Reliable piston/cylinder vacuum pump: Utilizes a dependable pump mechanism for consistent and efficient suctioning.
  • Suitable for diverse patient populations: Can be used for both adults and children, accommodating a wide range of suctioning needs.
  • User-friendly design: Compact and intuitive front panel controls make the unit easy to operate and navigate.


The NI-17A is a versatile electric suction unit designed for the aspiration of body liquids in various medical scenarios. It is particularly useful for oral, nasal, and tracheal aspiration in both adults and children. The adjustable vacuum level ranges from 0 to 760mmHg, enabling precise control according to specific requirements. Powered by a 220V 50Hz power source, the NI17 utilizes a piston/cylinder vacuum pump for efficient suctioning. The operating cycle of the device is continuous, ensuring uninterrupted performance during medical procedures. It offers a high vacuum capability with low flow, making it suitable for a variety of suctioning tasks.The airflow of the NI17 is maintained between 18-20L/minutes, ensuring efficient and reliable suctioning performance

Key Specifications

  • High vacuum: Low Flow
  • Power feeding: 220 V 50Hz
  • Pump: Piston/cylinder vacuum pump
  • Operating Cycle: Continuous
  • Adjustable vacuum level: 0-760mmHg
  • Air Flow: 18-20L/min
  • Jar: 1000ml


  • 1 X Main Unit
  • 1 X Autoclavable Polycarbonate Jars (1000ml)
  • 1 X Sterilizable Silicone Tubes

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Monarch NI-17A Portable Suction Unit

US$185.00US$250.00 (-26%)

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