Monarch Medivac – 400 Suction Unit

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  • Autoclavable Polycarbonate Jars: The aspirator includes two autoclavable polycarbonate jars with safety valves to prevent overflow. These jars provide ample capacity (2 x 2000ml) for fluid collection during procedures.
  • Adjustable Vacuum Level: With a vacuum regulator, the aspirator allows for precise adjustment of the vacuum level, ranging from 0 to 760mmHg. This enables healthcare professionals to customize the suction power according to specific procedure requirements.
  • High Air Flow: The device offers a high air flow rate of 40 min, ensuring efficient and effective aspiration of body fluids.
  • Antibacterial and Hydrophobic Filters: The inclusion of antibacterial and hydrophobic filters further enhances the device’s hygiene by preventing the entry of bacteria and maintaining the integrity of the aspiration process.
  • Sterilizable Silicone Tubes: The device is equipped with a set of sterilizable silicone tubes, ensuring cleanliness and preventing contamination during use. These tubes can be easily cleaned and sterilized for reuse.
  • Portability: The aspirator is designed to be easy to carry, making it convenient for healthcare professionals to move it within the facility as needed. It is equipped with four wheels for smooth transportation.


The MEDIVAC LINE Surgical Aspirator incorporates a vacuum regulator with a vacuum meter, enabling precise adjustment of the vacuum level from 0 to 760 mmHg. This functionality allows healthcare professionals to tailor the suction power according to specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance in different procedures. The device operates on 220V 50Hz power feeding and utilizes a piston/cylinder vacuum pump for reliable and consistent performance. The MEDIVAC LINE Surgical Aspirator also offers a high airflow rate of 40 min, ensuring efficient suction of body fluids. With two 2000ml autoclavable polycarbonate jars, it provides ample capacity for fluid collection, reducing the frequency of emptying and enhancing workflow efficiency. Additionally, a set of sterilizable silicone tubes and antibacterial, hydrophobic filters are provided to maintain cleanliness and prevent contamination of the device.

Key Specifications

  • High vacuum: HIGH FLOW
  • Power feeding: 220 V 50Hz
  • Pump: Piston
  • operating cycle:  cylinder vacuum pump continuous
  • Adjustable vacuum level: 0-760mmHg
  • Airflow: 40min
  • Jar: 2 X 2000ml
  • Jar selector:  polycarbonate jars no
  • Castor: 2
  • Footswitch: Control optional


  • 1 X Main Unit
  • 2 X Autoclavable Polycarbonate Jars (2000ml)
  • 2 X Sterilizable Silicone Tubes

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Monarch Medivac - 400 Suction Unit

S$1,240.03S$1,370.34 (-10%)

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