Meta Biomed Metapex Pack of 2

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  1. Exposed pulp in pulp capping and pulpotomy
  2. Leakage canal
  3. Apexification
  4. Formation of the hard tissue barrier
  5. Root canal filling material

Meta Biomed Metapex

Metapex by Meta Biomed is a premixed root canal filling material.

It has excellent radiopacity and is ideal for many endodontic applications.

Plus, it costs half as much as other leading root canal filling materials, making it a great choice for the practice looking for quality and cost-effectiveness.


  • Exposed pulp in pulp capping and pulpotomy
  • Leakage canal
  • Apexification
  • Formation of the hard tissue barrier
  • Root canal filling material


  • Easy cleaning and removal
  • Excellent antibacterial effect and radiopacity
  • Premixed paste in a convenient syringe
  • Excellent accessibility to the root canal and prevention of cross-contamination

Key Specifications :-


  • Do not fill beyond the apex.
  • Keep the syringe capped at the times, when not in use.
  • Do not reuse disposable tips.
  • Do not use in an allergic person. Some patients may have an allergic reaction to iodoform and experience hyperesthesia. To minimize the risk of such side effects, rubber dams are highly recommended and be sure to avoid exposure of oral mucosa to it.
  • Stop using the product it symptoms of hypersensitiveness such as a rash or dermatitis appears.
  • The product is only for oral tissue so take care to keep the product away from the eyes. If eyes or skin are exposed to products clean with a plentiful amount of water and consult a doctor.
  • For dental use only. This product is intended only for its primary purpose and should not be used for any other purpose.

Packaging :-

  • 2 x 2.2g Syringes
  • Disposable tips
  • 1 x Ring for direction control of the tip

Direction to Use :-


  • Preparation before use Check the expiration date of the product and inspect it for foreign material impurities or other unusual conditions.


  • Clean and dry canal after preparing the root canal.


  • Disposable tip is washed with ethanol.


  • Set up a disposable tip in syringe.


  • The tip is inserted into the root canal. Then the piston of this syringe is slowly pressed out. In this procedure, you could notice the filling amount from the graduation gauge.


  • Pull out of the syringe.
  • The tip should be slowly pulled out, as the paste reverses back into the pulp chamber.


  • After the filling of metapex, follow the clinical procedure.

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Meta Biomed Metapex Pack of 2

Meta Biomed Metapex Pack of 2