GDC Root Elevators Coupland Premium (Ea1cp)

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Premium Quality: Crafted with high-quality materials, these elevators are designed for long-lasting durability and performance.
Precision Cutting Edge: The elevators feature a precision cutting edge that aids in controlled and efficient tooth elevation, reducing the risk of damage to adjacent structures.
Secure Grip: The handle design provides a secure grip, minimizing the risk of slippage and ensuring the safety of both the patient and the dentist.
Easy Maintenance: The stainless steel surface is easy to clean and maintain, making these elevators a convenient choice for busy dental practices.
Precise Elevation: These elevators facilitate the precise elevation of teeth by fitting snugly between the tooth and the surrounding bone.
Versatile Tool: Ideal for various oral surgery procedures, these elevators simplify tooth removal while minimizing trauma to surrounding tissues.
DescriptionGDC Root Elevators Coupland Premium (Ea1cp)
The GDC Root Elevators Coupland Premium (Ea1cp) are precision-crafted dental instruments designed for atraumatic tooth extraction. These elevators feature a premium build quality, ensuring durability and reliability in dental procedures. They come with a sharp, curved, and fine-tipped blade that fits snugly between the tooth and the surrounding bone, allowing for controlled and gentle elevation.?GDC Root Elevators Coupland Premium are essential tools in oral surgery, simplifying the process of tooth removal while minimizing trauma to surrounding tissues.

Reflect mucoperiosteal membrane
Luxate, remove teeth that cannot be engaged by forceps
Remove carious or fractured roots
Loosen teeth prior to application of forceps
Split teeth that have grooves cut into them
Remove intra-radicular bone
Key Specifications
Category:?Oral Surgery
Material:?Stainless Steel
Sterile/Non-Sterile:?Non – Sterile
Rust Free:?Corrosion Resistant
1 x Root Elevator Coupland Premium
Direction to UsePreparation:

Ensure the patient is comfortably seated and adequately prepared for the extraction procedure.
Administer local anesthesia to provide pain control and comfort.


Maintain a clean and dry field by using appropriate dental dam or isolation techniques around the tooth scheduled for extraction.

Select the Right Elevator:

Choose the GDC Root Elevator Coupland Premium?(Ea1cp) appropriate for the specific tooth being extracted.


Securely hold the elevator’s handle, ensuring a firm and comfortable grip.
Carefully position the pointed tip of the elevator between the targeted tooth and the surrounding bone.


Apply controlled and gentle pressure to the tooth’s root using the elevator’s tip.
Utilize a gentle rocking and twisting motion to help loosen the tooth within its socket.


Once the tooth is adequately loosened, employ dental forceps to grasp and remove it from the socket. Ensure complete root extraction.

Post-Extraction Care:

Administer any necessary post-extraction care, including achieving hemostasis and applying sutures if required.
Provide the patient with post-operative instructions for proper healing and aftercare.

Cleaning and Sterilization:

After use, meticulously clean the GDC Root Elevator Coupland Premium (Ea1cp).
Sterilize it following the recommended dental instrument sterilization protocols to maintain optimal hygiene and safety standards.
6 months warranty against rust.
FAQsSearch QuestionSearch QuestionQuestion:Can these elevators be sterilized for repeated use?Answer:Yes, these elevators can be sterilized following standard dental instrument sterilization procedures… read moreQuestion:Do these elevators come with any warranties?Answer:Yes, this product has a 6-month warranty against rust.Question:What material are these elevators made from?Answer:These elevators are crafted from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring durability and resistance to… read moreView all 5 QuestionsHave doubts regarding this product?Post Your Question

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GDC Root Elevators Coupland Premium (Ea1cp)

US$37.00US$43.00 (-14%)

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