BRIX 3000 Enzymatic Gel Dental Atraumatic Caries Remover

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BRIX 3000 Enzymatic Gel Dental Atraumatic Caries Remover

BRIX 3000 is a dental product for dentists based on enzymatic technology and specially designed for the atraumatic caries removal, i.e. without the use of anesthesia and reducing the use of turbines.

This is an innocuous water-based gel which is totally safe for any kind of patient as it does not contain toxic or irritating components. BRIX 3000 has been clinically and is safe for all patients including young kids and pregnant women.

BRIX 3000 is an enzymatic gel with a selective basis, i.e. it does only work on the infected tissue caused by the caries preserving the tissue which has regenerative and remineralization capacity


The papain, BRIX 3000® main component, is bio-encapsulated by using the innovative and exclusive E.B.E. Technology” (Encapsulating Buffer Emulsion), which immobilizes the gel and confers its stability increasing the enzymatic activity of the product exponentially when being compared to the current technique.

This and other characteristics, added to the fact that its concentration is 3000 U/mg, make BRIX3000®® a unique and innovative medical product in the world, created and patented worldwide by Brix SRL Argentina and Brix USA LLC. E.B.E. Technology provides the gel with the optimum pH to immobilize the enzyme and free it at the moment of exerting proteolysis in collagen, increasing its enzyme activity by a 50% to 60%.

Therefore, the following is achieved: high proteolytic effectiveness on the necrotic tissue to remove the collagen fibers in the carious tissue, lower dissolution of the active principle by oral fluids, greater resistance to storage even in unfavorable conditions without requiring cold-chain preservation, and greater antibacterial and anti-fungal potency with a greater and powerful antiseptic effect on tissue.

Additionally, BRIX3000 is an innocuous gel, 100% devoid of toxicity, which means it does not cause any type of reactions when it comes into contact with healthy tissue: tongue, gums, healthy dentin, skin-not even when ingested.

BRIX3000® does not cause irritation or sensibility due to the selective action of the gel, i.e., it only acts on necrotic tissue and loses its enzymatic capacity when it comes into contact with healthy tissue.

During a long period of research, we studied the behavior of BRIX3000® in 2, 163 patients whose ages ranged from 6 to 17 and from 35 to 70 with diverse types of caries and evolution of the infectious process.

After this study and the monitoring of the patients treated for a period of time, we can state that sg% of them stated they had not suffered any pain during treatment and, when the dental pieces were exposed to the caries detector, none of them showed a positive result, i.e., caries had been removed completely.



  • BRIX 3000 is an innovative dental product that will revolutionize caries management. The removal of caries without any pain is the basis of a non-traumatic treatment, something that dentists strive for in the care of their patients.


  • The enzymatic activity of the bio-encapsulated papain (3.000 U/mg*) in Brix3000 needs only about 2 minutes to dissolve any infected dental tissue that is affected by caries. Dental explorer and mirror are used to apply and remove the Brix3000 gel and the affected dentin. In most of the cases, drilling may not be needed at all. Note that Brix3000 does not affect the dentin that has remineralization capacity.


  • Brix 3000 reacts only with infected dentin that is affected by caries. No other procedure or material saves as much healthy dental tissue as Brix 3000 does. This guarantees you the best and most gentle treatment and healthy teeth for a long time, with the smallest amount of restorative material needed.


  • By eliminating the need for aggressive treatment involving drilling and anesthesia, Brix3000 not only takes the fear of many patients, it also improves the complete dental treatment process. Removal of tooth decay with Brix3000 is much quicker and safer than current approaches. Multiple teeth of a patient can be treated simultaneously, which reduces the length of the visit and the anxiety of patients.


  • BRIX3000 is a patented formula utilizing papain enzyme, which has been clinically tested in a broad range of different patients. It is 100% non-toxic and has no side effects. It has proven to be safe for contact with skin, eyes and other body parts and can be used in patients of all ages, even those with systemic diseases, disability or pregnant women. Brix3000 is good for patients’ health and for the planet.


  • Working with Brix3000 is in accordance with the ART (Atraumatic Restorative Treatment) technique, the WHO (World Health Organization) and the IDF (World Dental Federation) recommendations. No pain and fear during dental treatment promotes higher compliance and better health.

Key Specifications :-


Mechanism enzymatic rotary
Anesthesia use no yes
Rotary instrument use (turbine) no yes
Isolation relative sometimes complete
Operatory technique atraumatic traumatic
Procedure minimally invasive invasive
Empathy between professional and patient higher lower
Mala praxis risk minimal high
Fear to the dentist unlikely likely
Operatory technique simple complex
Sanitary infrastructure requirements for treatment no yes
Pulp exposure risk Lower risk Higher risk
Post trauma cavity for adhesive material Rough and retentive Smooth and expulsive
Micro-cracks and micro-fractures No Maybe yes
Operative time 7 ½- 15 min. 20-40 min.
Patient’s comfort higher lower
Patient’s reaction to pain lower higher


Packaging :-

  • 1 x 3ml Tube
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BRIX 3000

BRIX 3000 Enzymatic Gel Dental Atraumatic Caries Remover

US$95.00US$150.00 (-37%)