Younique Smart Endo – Surgic Pro Suction Set

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Autoclavable Tips:?One of the notable features is the inclusion of autoclavable suction tips or nozzles. Autoclavable tips can be safely sterilized between uses, contributing to infection control and cost-effectiveness.
Ergonomic Design: The design of the suction handle and tips is ergonomic, ensuring comfortable handling and easy maneuverability during procedures.Dental professionals can maintain control while performing delicate endodontic work.
Compatibility: The Younique Smart Endo-Surgic Pro Suction Set with Autoclavable Tips is compatible with standard dental equipment and suction systems commonly used in dental practices.
DescriptionYounique Smart Endo – Surgic Pro Suction Set
The Younique Smart Endo-Surgic Pro Suction Set is engineered to provide efficient and continuous suction during endodontic treatments, which involve the treatment of the innermost part of the tooth, known as the root canal. This instrument is instrumental in maintaining a clean, dry, and uncontaminated operative field within the root canal during intricate procedures. It efficiently removes fluids, including blood, saliva, and debris, from the treatment area.The result is improved visibility and enhanced precision during endodontic procedures, contributing to more accurate treatment outcomes.

For Irrigating Solution Aspiration During Root Canal Treatment. For Drying The Canal During Obturation in Root Canal Treatment.
Specially Designed Autoclavable tips for Surgical Purposes with increased Visibility for Operators while working.


Added Leur Lock for secure locking of tips while working in deeper areas in Oral Cavity.
Key Specifications
Material: Stainless Steel

Intra Chamber Tip Diamenter :


Intra Canal Tip:

Blue Tip: 0.5mm Outer Diameter
Green Tip:?0.65mm Outer Diameter

1 x Suction Tube
6 x Intra Chamber Tip
3 x Intra Canal Tip
Direction to Use
Preparation: Ensure that the Younique Smart Endo-Surgic Pro Suction Set is properly assembled and sterilized before use.Verify that the suction handle is securely attached to the tubing.
Patient Preparation: Position the patient comfortably in the dental chair and provide any necessary anesthesia for the root canal procedure.Inform the patient about the use of the suction device to maintain a dry and clear surgical field.
Suction Handle and Tip Attachment: Attach a?suction tip to the suction handle.Ensure a secure connection to prevent any leakage or dislodging during the procedure.
Suction Tube Connection: Connect the other end of the suction handle to the flexible suction tubing.Confirm that the tubing is pliable and can be easily maneuvered to access the treatment area.
Suction Settings: Adjust the suction settings on your dental unit or system to ensure the appropriate level of suction power.The settings should be sufficient to efficiently remove fluids and debris during the procedure without causing discomfort to the patient.
Operative Field Access: Begin the root canal procedure as you normally would, preparing the access opening to the tooth’s pulp chamber.During the procedure, the operative field may become filled with fluids, debris, and irrigation solutions.
Continuous Suction: Activate the suction device by pressing the appropriate foot pedal or control on your dental unit.Position the suction tip near the operative field to ensure continuous suction.Maintain a clear view of the treatment area, and use the suction tip to remove any fluids and debris promptly.
Maneuverability: Use the flexibility of the suction tubing to easily maneuver the suction tip as needed throughout the procedure.Ensure that the operative field remains dry and that visibility is optimal.
Procedure Completion: Continue using the Younique Smart Endo-Surgic Pro Suction Set throughout the root canal procedure.Once the procedure is completed, deactivate the suction device.
Sterilization and Maintenance: After the procedure, ensure that the suction handle and tubing are properly cleaned and sterilized before the next use.
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Younique Smart Endo - Surgic Pro Suction Set

US$82.00US$90.00 (-9%)

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