Woodpecker Endosmart Endomotor With Minipex Apex Locator

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Advantages: * 100% automatic digital calibration,with no decrease in measurement accuracy * Light body together with stable performance * Clinical data Fitting * Measurement accuracy up to 97.71% * Update chip,real-time response, double sensibility * Innovation algorithm, intelligent anti-interference * 2.4″ LCD Screen * Clear interface, see only at a glance * Various colors,segment dispay the trace of touch probe in root canal * IMD mold injection shell,avoiding scratch, resistant to wipe * Multi frequency independent network measuring technique * Alarm rings when the distance between root canal needle and root canal is less than 2 mm Endo Smart- Woodpecker An endomotor used in the shaping of the root canals during endodontic treatment. It has a cordless handpiece that assures ease of use even during the most delicate endodontic procedures. The light weight endodontic motor effectively prevents needle breakage wireless battery charging automatic torque calibrating user customization up to 9 Product Code: rot1 Brand: Woopecker

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24 Reviews For This Product

  1. 24

    by Ellie

    very amazing product and fast delivery within required timing.

  2. 24

    by john

    fast delivery and good product.

  3. 24

    by Rodney

    Light weight endo motor , very easy in operating .

  4. 24

    by Dr. Jason

    Happy to have this . Good product .

  5. 24

    by Cade

    Excellent endo motor by woodpecker .

  6. 24

    by Madison

    Great light weight device , very easy to operate .

  7. 24

    by Forren

    Love the device . Good efficiency to work .

  8. 24

    by Gruna

    Measurements are so accurate . Love to have this device .

  9. 24

    by Dr. Grietha

    Just want to say thanks dental world official . Superb fast shipping , received the product safely pecked .

  10. 24

    by Dacso

    Excellent product and thank you dental world official for fast delivery

  11. 24

    by Rahnny

    Excellent product

  12. 24

    by Barrett

    Very good product and easy to operate as well l.

  13. 24

    by Ramero

    Great product

  14. 24

    by Pedzi

    Very happy with the product.

  15. 24

    by Zov

    Superb product

  16. 24

    by Eoin

    Superb product

  17. 24

    by Leo

    Amazing product. Easy to operate.

  18. 24

    by Darly

    Amazing product. Happy with the results. Thank you for fast delivery.

  19. 24

    by Orman

    Very good product.

  20. 24

    by Kendel

    Very nice quality product by woodpecker.

  21. 24

    by Noach

    Great buy. Very happy with the working. Thank you for fast delivery.

  22. 24

    by Rio

    Brilliant product.

  23. 24

    by Anabel

    Very nice quality endomotor with minipex apex locator at this price range.

  24. 24

    by Mckay

    Genuine quality product…it is worth investing on this apex locator.

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Woodpecker Endosmart Endomotor With Minipex Apex Locator

Rs38,820.00Rs39,195.00 (-1%)

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