Woodpecker DTE D7 LED Scaler


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Woodpecker DTE D7 LED Scaler

A new generation Ultrasonic Scaler from the house of Woodpecker, namely DTE D7 LED Scaler at less price. Designed by using cutting edge technologies, this scaler can be considered as an indispensable equipment for teeth disease prevention and treatment. Furthermore, this D7 LED Scaler has scaling, perio, endo and auto water supply functions along with various other features. You can go for it to have a better experience.


  • Optical handpiece which helps to do clinical operation conveniently.
  • Auto water supply function saves your time.
  • Ehanced performance of endo and perio mode.
  • Detachable handpiece which can be autoclaved to the 135?C temperature.
  • Automatic frequency tracking system that monitors its working for steady performance.
  • Controlled by PC, easy operation and more efficient for scaling.


  • Input power supply 220-240V ; 50-60Hz
  • Main unit input 24V
  • Output primary tip vibration excursion less than 100um
  • Output half excursion force less than 2N
  • Output tip vibration frequency 28KHz +/-3KHz
  • Output Power 3W to 20W
  • Weight of main unit 1.17Kg
  • Operating mode Continuous operation
  • Applied part of the equipment Handpiece & Tip
  • Weight of power supply 1 Kg 


  • 1 Year


  • Woodpecker DTE D7 LED Scaler.
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Woodpecker DTE D7 LED Scaler


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