Woodpecker Airotor Handpiece (Push Button)


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  • Steel bearing.
  • Mini-head.
  • Push button.
  • Easy to use.


  • Borden 2 hole.
  • Steel bearing.
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27 Reviews For This Product

  1. 27

    by Madeline

    Best quality and fast shipping . Thanks

  2. 27

    by Peyton

    The best quality and original product . Thanks for fast shipping.

  3. 27

    by Saige

    The best airotor hand piece. Light weight and easy to operate.

  4. 27

    by Tate

    Good hand piece. Steel bearing. Mini head. Light weight. having good experience with it.

  5. 27

    by Yardley

    Got the airotor in 6 days. Using it from the last three months. Very easy to use. Very happy with the deal. Thanks.

  6. 27

    by Dr. Alden

    Great airotor hand piece. Very light weight. Easy in operating. Thanks for the service.

  7. 27

    by Bailey

    Very easy to operate. Good steel material of the body. Have great experience with it.

  8. 27

    by Vallina

    The best airotor hand piece by woodpecker. Very easy in using. Will recommend to others.

  9. 27

    by Alden

    Good device at good price. Very easy to use.

  10. 27

    by Vallina

    The best airotor handpiece. Good device at this price. Shipping is so fast. Thanks Dental World.

  11. 27

    by Garrie

    Best device at this price. Happy to have this. Great device Dental World.

  12. 27

    by Dr. Robert

    Good device. Steel bearing. Very easy to use. Using the device from the past three months. Very good experience with it.

  13. 27

    by Serena

    Very useful device. A light weight product. Very easy to use.

  14. 27

    by Jenifer

    Good purchase

  15. 27

    by Reid

    Satisfactory product

  16. 27

    by Harper

    Best airotor by woodpecker . Amazing shipping facility dental world .

  17. 27

    by Tamarius

    Very good product

  18. 27

    by Gamel

    Very good product

  19. 27

    by Jaecob

    Easy to use.

  20. 27

    by Jaillet

    Superb product

  21. 27

    by Pietro

    Nice product

  22. 27

    by Iriss

    Very happy with the Woodpecker Airotor Handpiece.

  23. 27

    by Eston

    Great product by woodpecker.

  24. 27

    by Frances

    Best quality product by woodpecker. Very happy with the results.

  25. 27

    by Riko

    Great quality product by woodpecker.

  26. 27

    by Alisena

    Very nice product.

  27. 27

    by Johnathan

    Best quality handpiece. Very happy with it.

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