W& H Lina Autoclave 22 Lts. – B Class – Inbuilt USB System – WH106

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W& H Lina Autoclave 22 Lts. – B Class – Inbuilt USB System

Exclusively type B cycles

Lina autoclaves offer exclusively type B cycles that are suitable for the sterilization of all types of dental products.

With its ease-of-use and practical keypad it is assured to navigate all the sterilization options easily.

Lina autoclave Ergonomic:

The automatic filling and draining functions for the water tanks and the automatic door lock improve ergonomics and save you time.

Lina autoclaves 
The fast type B cycle for small loads:

  Lina’s ECO B sterilization program is a fast type B cycle for small loads of all types including bagged hollow instruments such as dental handpieces, which includes drying.

Lina autoclaves 
Automatic digital cycle recording on USB stick (USB option)

  The Lina autoclaves were designed to adapt to your practice requirements. It allows the saving of sterilization cycle reports on USB flash drive. The USB option in combination with the label printer LisaSafe will offer you a comprehensive traceability system.

Features :-

  • Lina’s cycle times are reduced by up to half with the short ECO B cycle
  • Silent operation due to the patented
  • Water Separation System
  • You can easily navigate all the sterilization options with Lina’s user-friendly keypad
  • The built-in frame dust filter ensures constant performance levels, reduced maintenance costs and longer service intervals
  • Delayed and programmable cycle start saves cost and time
  • Integrated automatic water filling valve (optional)
  • Automatic digital cycle recording on USB stick (optional)
  • Lina offers you a great price performance ratio
  • Lina is available with chamber size 17 l or 22 l

Packaging :-

  • Supplied with reversible rack
  • 3 aluminium trays
  • Funnel
  • Drain tube and tray holder

Direction to Use :-

What is the maximum noise level of the sterilizer?

The silent running noise at a maximum level of 66.5 dB(A) guarantees a quiet working environment.

What is validation?

Validation is a documented procedure for collecting, recording and interpreting data required for proving that a procedure constantly complies with the specified specifications. W&H sterilizers feature a process evaluation system, which continually monitors the stipulated specifications (temperature, pressure and time).

Which water quality should I use for my Lisa/Lina sterilizer?

The water quality for sterilizers is internationally specified by standards and directives. The reasons for this are that your sterilizer can be seriously damaged by it or the sterilization can be jeopardised. Consequently, only water with conductivity of less than 15 µS/cm should be used for your W&H sterilizer. The Multidem system (LINK) is especially suited to preparing suitable water.

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W& H Lina Autoclave 22 Lts. - B Class - Inbuilt USB System - WH106

W& H Lina Autoclave 22 Lts. - B Class - Inbuilt USB System - WH106

US$7,667.00US$9,000.00 (-15%)

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