Sweden & Martina Ball Attachments Implant Premium-Kohno

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There is a small hexagon at the base of the ball for attaching the driver. This driver is compatible with the system’s torque-control ratchet. See pages 140-141 for the list of the available matrices and respective accessories.

The anchoring system with ball attachment consists of a post Gr. 5 titanium having a round end with diameter 2.20 mm and a choice of different anchoring systems incorporated in the removable prosthesis. The ball abutments have a small hexagon at the base of the ball for attaching the driver, compatible with the system’s dynamometric ratchet.

Conditions and indications for anchoring with ball attachments

The standard prosthetic protocol with ball attachments contemplates the support of two implants, positioned preferably 22.00 mm from each other, so that the axis of rotation between the two posts allows the overdenture a certain degree of vertical movement. Absolute parallelism between the two implants is not an indispensable condition for the success of the rehabilitation, as the spherical head intrinsically allows a certain degree of correction. However, the presence of any disparallelisms may present risks of fracture, particularly for the ball attachments, in heavy load conditions, so the rehabilitation with ball attachments is preferable exclusively between parallel implants.

The long-term stability and duration of the ball attachment/cap complex is determined by various factors, including the following:

  • Three-dimensional alignment of the occlusal surfaces of implants and prosthesis;
  • Adequate positioning of the prosthetic interface (cap or ring, matrix) so that the ball does not touch the prosthesis in its most occlusal part;

Vertical dimension of the prosthesis such as to ensure that the cap is surrounded on all sides by an adequate layer of resin.


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Sweden & Martina Ball Attachments Implant Premium-Kohno

US$92.00US$110.00 (-16%)

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