Sure Endo Sure Cord Knitted Retraction Cord

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  • Quick tissue displacement with detailed margins and perfect impressions
  • High absorption of blood by a fine and tight knit
  • Clean surface allows the cervical resin to clearly
  • One touch smart cutting cap ensures a clean and easy cut
  • Easy placement in the sulcus
  • Length indicator helps to cut the desired length
  • Translucent bottle allows the easy confirmation of the remained cord


SureEndo Sure Cord is ideal for mechanical gingival retraction. Easily packaged in the gingival sulcus. It is used to improve the quality of prints and when performing restorations.

Sure-cord The thread is made of 100% cotton. Not impregnated with hemostatic. Knitted thread loops, which in turn are intertwined, are able to absorb a sufficient amount of hemostat. The knitted thread is better retained in the periodontal groove during the preparation of the tooth, at the same time, it is easily removed without opening.

Sure-Cord thread sizes:

  • 000 – ultra thin
  • 00- Very thin
  • 0 – Thin
  • 1 – Average
  • 2 – Rough
  • 3 – Very rough

The thread trimmer blade is made of stainless steel and is located inside the cap of the cap. The thread is cut automatically when the container is closed with a cap cap(and the end of the thread is held in the cap capso that it does not fall inside the container after cutting).

Thanks to the color marking, you can quickly and easily choose the appropriate thread size, and it also makes it easier to control the complete removal of the thread from the gingival sulcus.

Key Specifications

Sizes & Length

Length 100 Inch (254cm)

  • #000 Green
  • #00 Brown
  • #0 Purple
  • #1 Blue
  • #2 Orange
  • #3 Yellow


  • 1 x Retraction cord (100 inch)

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Sure Endo Sure Cord Knitted Retraction Cord

US$34.00US$39.00 (-13%)

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