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Super Endo Sonic Endo Irrigator 30 Tips Free

The Sonic Irrigator System is used in endodontic treatment by application of sonic energy. The
Irrigator tips are used in conjunction with the Handpiece/Driver to provide the energy for tip
oscillation and vibration. Evidence-based endodontics has shown that cavitation and acoustic
streaming improves debridement and the disruption of the smear layer and biofilm. Activated fluids
promote deep cleaning and disinfection into lateral canals,fins,webs,and anastomoses. A cleaned
root canal system facilitates 3-D obturation and long-term success..

  • Do not submerge unit in water
  • Do not autoclave unit
  • The Sonic Irrigator System is only to be used by dental professionals

The Sonic Irrigator System is comprised of the handpiece and Irrigator tips of various sizes
The system functions as intended when the original component parts are used together. With the use of non-original components, serious consequences may result. The original components include the Sonic Irrigator handpiece, the Irrigator tip and protective barrier. the reference numbers of the Irrigator tips include: 15/02 (Small)25/04 (Medium), 35/04 (Large)

The handpiece provides 3-speed sonic motor options (High,Medium,Low)

The power settings used are ultimately determined by the procedure to be performed, clinician’s experience, and the power needed to efficiently complete the clinical task

The Sonic Irrigator handpiece does not require calibration for normal use

Features :-

Irrigator Tips 

  • Easy snap-on/snap-off design
  • Color-coded by size
  • Ergonomic, cordless, and battery-operated handpiece
  • Strong, flexible, medical-grade polymer composition


  • Contra-angled design for easy access to posterior teeth
  • 3-speed sonic motor provides options of 4.000, 6.000 and 10.000 cpm

Key Specifications :-


  • The Irrigator tip should be disinfected before use, or contamination of the root canal may result.
  • Proper use of the Sonic Irrigator System is required to prevent harm or hazard to the
  • Improper handling of the Sonic Irrigator handpiece may result in breaking the distal or
    proximal ends of rocker arm
  • Irrigator tips and protective barriers are intended for single-patient use only. Cross
    contamination may occur to the patient if tips and barriers are reused
  • Proper disposal of Irrigator tips and protective barriers & the battery is required in accordance with
    local laws and regulations
  • The handpiece must be repaired as necessary under the direction of the manufacturer
  • Proper disposal of the handpiece when the handpiece is deemed non-functional is
    required in accordance with local laws and regulations
  • Removal of the battery is recommended when the handpiece is not to be used for an
    extended period of time
  • The handpiece should be stored away from strong electromagnetic equipment as it may
    affect handpiece performance
  • The handpiece should be stored aways from portable and mobile RF communications
    equipment as it affect handpiece performance
  • The handpiece should not be used adjacent to or stackded with other
    equipment.Additionally, it should be checked for normal operating functions on a regular
  • All endodontic procedures should be carried out with Sonic Irrigator protective barrier sleeve placed over the handpiece


Consult a Cardiologist before using in patient Having CIEDs ( Cardiovascular Implantable Electronic
Device) , Implantable Cardiovascular Defibrillators , Biventricular Pacemaker , Implantable Cardiac loop
recorder as it may cause electromagnetic interference.

Packaging :-

  • 1 x Sonic Irrigator
  • 100 x Protective Sleeves
  • 10 x Sonic Irrigator Tips (Small)
  • 10 x Sonic Irrigator Tips (Medium)
  • 10 x Sonic Irrigator Tips (Large)

Direction to Use :-

Prepare canal to produce a fully tapered shape

Fill pulp chamber with NaOCI, EDTA, or other final rinse solution

Select the Irrigator tip that manually fits loosely within 2 mm of working length

Place the barrier sleeve over the complete length of the handpiece

Attach the Irrigator tip over the barrier-protected handpiece. The Irrigator should snap on firmly, promoting a secure connection with the handpiece

Place the attached Irrigator tip into the prepared root canal

Depress the ON/OFF switch to activate. Note: Switch defaults to high speed upon activation. Depress the 3-speed switch to select medium speed or low speed.

Use a pumping action to move the handpiece/Irrigator in short 2-3mm vertical strokes

Hydrodynamically agitate the intracanal solution for 30-30 seconds.

Irrigate, then use intracanal suction to eliminate loose debris.

Repeat the above steps for each intracanal irrigant used.


Q. Is there any battery available with the hand piece?

A. No battery is not provided with this Endo irrigator. However, we can use any “Eveready/Duracell” cell battery with the sonic irrigator

Q. Which material are tips made up of?

A. High Strength Soft Polymer material is used in manufacturing of the tips.

Q. Will it perforate/damage the canal wall during the endodontic treatment?

A. No, It won’t perforate/damage the canal during irrigation since it is made up of soft polymer material.

Q. Does it cause any hassle while changing the tips?

A. No, It is very easy to change the tips . Just snap in the tips.

Q. Is it autoclavable?

A. No.

Q. Are the tips disposable?

A. Yes

Q. How to sterilize the tips?

A. No need to sterilize the tips as it is disposable.

Q. Are the tips available in Dentalkart Individually?

A. Yes , The tips are available separately at Dentalkart. To buy API Tips For Endoactivator/Sonic Irrigator: Click Here

Q. Does it come with On / Off Button ?

A. Yes, It has On/Off button with light touch

Q. Are there chances of the tips to break?

A. No, as the tips are flexible and strong.

Q. Can it damage/cut the Dentin?

A. No they won’t. The Tips are smooth so they won’t damage the dentin.

Q. Does it facilitate the penetration of irrigant in the canal ?

A. Yes.

Q. Is there any risk of irrigant extrusion through the apex?

A. No, as it facilitates the irrigant penetration and mechanical cleansing compared with needle irritation.

Q. What is the speed of the API Sonic Endo Irrigator ?

A. The handpiece provides 3-speed sonic motor options (High,Medium,Low) with following speed:

High : 10,000 RPM

Medium: 6,000 RPM

Low: 4,000 RPM

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    i found good quality of products on your website.

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    Strong, flexible, medical-grade polymer composition

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    Strong, flexible, medical-grade product.

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    Ergonomic, cordless, and battery-operated handpiece.Strong, flexible, medical-grade polymer composition.thank you dental world.

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Super Endo Sonic Endo Irrigator

Super Endo Sonic Endo Irrigator

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