Skydent Intraoral E Speed Iopa X-Ray Film

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Skydent Dental Film For Intraoral Radiography Speed E

    • SKYDENT E is a high-quality double-emulsion intraoral X-ray film of high speed (ISO class E), high contrast and fine grain, providing high image quality and outstanding detail definition. This film is intended for intraoral X-ray diagnostics only.


    • Bluish 0.175 mm thick polyester provided with double-sided protective and antistatic layer which protects the SKYDENT E Dental Film against mechanical and electrostatic damage (ESD).


    • 30 % ? 50 % lower X-ray dose due to shorter exposure times in comparison with D-speed film
    • complies with the worldwide tendency of Radiation Protection of Patients (RPOP) of EAIA
    • extra soft plastic envelope with rounded corners
    • envelope is disinfectable with common disinfectants, waterproof and light-tight
    • easy opening and manipulation
    • sheet of lead foil on the back side of the film (the side is marked as ?back? on the packet)
    • easy sides recognition provided by embossed dot in the top corner of the packet (its raised portion indicates the side facing the radiation source/front side)


    • The film can be exposed in daylight. Exposed films can be processed either manually or in processors. The manual processing should be carried out in a darkroom under indirect dark-red or olive-green safelight. It is possible to use any liquid good-quality trademarked chemicals for processing. It is NOT recommended using tablet or powder chemicals.


    • Pack Of 150 Films
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21 Reviews For This Product

  1. 21

    by Dr. Graham

    Great x-ray films . Gives high quality images and outstanding detail definition .

  2. 21

    by Blakely

    Double sided protective and static layer protects the dental film against mechanical and electrostatic damage . Would like to recommend to others .

  3. 21

    by Brayden

    Great x-ray films .

  4. 21

    by Harper

    Good product at this price .

  5. 21

    by Bale

    Very good product and the delivery was very fast too . Thank you dental world

  6. 21

    by Cailean

    Good product with excellent quality of images , very happy with it.

  7. 21

    by Nadya

    Superb product and the quality of images are very good

  8. 21

    by Eastin

    Superb product.

  9. 21

    by Ohanna

    easy opening and manipulation.

  10. 21

    by Elinore

    Very nice product

  11. 21

    by Pierce

    Good quality product

  12. 21

    by Ingrid

    Very good quality X-Ray film.

  13. 21

    by Escott

    Very good quality X-Ray Film.

  14. 21

    by Foryst

    Very happy with the product. Thank you for safe and fast delivery.

  15. 21

    by Rorry

    Great product.

  16. 21

    by Alisyn

    Superb product.

  17. 21

    by Bertil

    Good quality X-Ray Film by skydent.

  18. 21

    by Aadyn

    Genuine quality. Very happy with the working. Thank you for fast shipping.

  19. 21

    by Jeffery

    Best x-ray film by skydent. Providing high image quality and outstanding detail definition.

  20. 21

    by Henley

    Very good product.

  21. 21

    by Mathew

    Very good product. good service.

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Skydent Intraoral E Speed Iopa X-Ray Film

US$52.00US$57.00 (-9%)

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