Skydent Intraoral E Speed Iopa X-Ray Film

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Skydent Dental Film For Intraoral Radiography Speed E

    • SKYDENT E is a high-quality double-emulsion intraoral X-ray film of high speed (ISO class E), high contrast and fine grain, providing high image quality and outstanding detail definition. This film is intended for intraoral X-ray diagnostics only.


    • Bluish 0.175 mm thick polyester provided with double-sided protective and antistatic layer which protects the SKYDENT E Dental Film against mechanical and electrostatic damage (ESD).


    • 30 % ? 50 % lower X-ray dose due to shorter exposure times in comparison with D-speed film
    • complies with the worldwide tendency of Radiation Protection of Patients (RPOP) of EAIA
    • extra soft plastic envelope with rounded corners
    • envelope is disinfectable with common disinfectants, waterproof and light-tight
    • easy opening and manipulation
    • sheet of lead foil on the back side of the film (the side is marked as ?back? on the packet)
    • easy sides recognition provided by embossed dot in the top corner of the packet (its raised portion indicates the side facing the radiation source/front side)


    • The film can be exposed in daylight. Exposed films can be processed either manually or in processors. The manual processing should be carried out in a darkroom under indirect dark-red or olive-green safelight. It is possible to use any liquid good-quality trademarked chemicals for processing. It is NOT recommended using tablet or powder chemicals.


    • Pack Of 150 Films
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    by rosalie

    very fast delivery services. my product just got delivered in 8 days in UK. thank you dental world.

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Skydent Intraoral E Speed Iopa X-Ray Film

US$52.00US$57.00 (-9%)

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