Shofu Hy-Bond Polycarboxylate Cement Mini Set

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Shofu Hy Bond Polycarboxylate Cement

  • Shofu Hybond Polycaroboxylate cement is indicated specifically for successful cementation of cast restorations and orthodontic appliances
  • Developed with Shofu’s patented Hy-Agent additive (tannin-fluoride),
  • The Hy-Agent helps to minimize post-operative sensitivity and increase compressive strength


  • Cementation of cowns, bridges,inlays
  • Lining of cavities and lesions


  • Chemically adheres to tooth structure and cast appliances
  • Exhibits high adhesive strength and low solubility
  • Radiopaque, easy to mix and manipulate with a very low film thickness.
  • Can be placed on freshly cut dentin with no pulpal irritation
  • Less technique sensitive due to the tannin-fluoride additive



  • Zinc Oxide
  • Magnesium Oxide
  • HY agents


  • Acrylic acid – tri carboxylic acid co-polymer,
  • Tartaric acid
  • Distilled Water


Cementation Lining
Working Time 3 mins 2 mins
Setting Time 4 mins 3 mins

Mixing time: Within 60 sec.

Mixing temperature: 23 ± 1°C (73.4 ± 1.8°F)

Packaging :-

Shofu Hy – Bond Polycarboxylate Cement Mini Set: 

  • 1 x 60 g Powder
  • 1 x 40gm Liquid
  • Mixing Pad, Spatula


Store at room temperature (1-30°C). Avoid high humidity and keep away from direct sunlight.


1. Do not use this product on patients with known allergies to this product or polycarboxylate cement.2. Operators with known allergies to this product or polycarboxylate cement must not use this product. 3. If any inflammation or other allergic reactions occur on either patient or operator, immediately discontinue use and seek medical advice. 4. The liquid and mixture of this product should not come in contact with intraoral soft tissue, skin or eyes. In case of accidental contact with intraoral soft tissue or skin, immediately blot with alcohol moistened cotton ball and rinse with plenty of water. In case of contact with eyes, immediately flush the eyes with plenty of water and seek medical advice. 5. This product is intended for use by dental professionals only.

Direction to Use:

STEP1. Dispensing Powder and Liquid

1-1. For cementation (Standard Powder/Liquid Ratio: 2.2 g/1.0 g) Dispense one level scoop of Powder using the measuring scoop provided and three drops of Liquid, separately.

1-2. For lining (Standard Powder/Liquid Ratio: 3.2 g/1.0 g) Dispense one level scoop of Powder using the measuring scoop provided and two drops of Liquid, separately.

STEP2. Mixing Dispense Powder and Liquid onto a mixing pad or glass slab.

Divide dispensed powder into 2 equal portions; introduce the first half to the dispensed liquid and mix for 15 to 20 sec. with spatula. Then, add the remaining half and mix until it becomes homogeneous paste.


Cementation Clean the surfaces of restoration and natural tooth to be cemented and dry. Apply the cement mixture following the conventional method.

STEP4. Lining Perform lining following the conventional method.

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Shofu Hy-Bond Polycarboxylate Cement m

Shofu Hy-Bond Polycarboxylate Cement Mini Set

US$53.00US$74.00 (-28%)

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