Scheu Blue Blokker LC Resin

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Scheu Duran / Duran + (Plus) 125mm

Hard-elastic, highly transparent blanks, bond to acrylic. No predrying necessary. Application: periodontal splints, bite guards, retainer splints, invisible retainers, temporary crowns and bridges, temporary and fluoride splints.

DURAN + (Plus)
Hard-elastic, transparent material with integrated insulation foil, bonds to acrylic. No pre-drying.

DURAN + is a clear transparent PET-G thermoplastic. The Material is abrasion resistant to the greatest possible extent and almost unbreakeable with excellent  properties concerning breaking resistance, elasticity and from stability. DURAN + belongs to the polyester group and is therefore not hygroscopic reactive (no predrying necessary ).The material is highgly blocompatible. Our presure moulding foils have been cell-biological tested the international Guidelines ISO 10993 and EN ISO 7405 with the result that they have been released for clinical use.

DURAN + is well suited for all prosthetic and orthodontic splint therapies such as miniplast splints,bruxism splints with and without adjustment as well as palatal expansion.This hard-elastic soilint material is best suited for tooth transposition, correction and retentions in the splint therapy.  Miniplast splints, occlusal splints, CMD splints, Interim and fl uorisation splints, drilling/x-ray templates, antisnoringappliances, invisible retainer.

DURAN + is supplied with a thin insulating foil in order to gurarantee hightest tranparency and an aesthetic easy-to-clean inner side of theplate. The foil can be easily removed after pressure moulding. As a rule, the model should be embedded in the pellets. as you can see from the imprint on th foils or the labels, the heating times for DURAN+ are extremely short.When DURAN + is moulded on an average sized model optimally embedded, the strength of the material is reduced by up to 25 %.


Up to a thickness of  1.0 mm, DURAN + can be easily trimmed with foil scissors. For all other thiknesse,we recommend the finishing set(REF 3378 ). Final trimming and polishing can be most effectively done with DIMO/DIMO PRO abrasives (REF 3380-3384/3376). Compound and adjustment with cold cure resins (f.ex. DURASPLINT) is possiblewithout any problems. For some C+B respectively temporary material – especially bis-acrylic composite – corresponding bounding agents are necessary.

Material care:
We recommend cleaning with our SCHEU-DENTAL CETRON products, please don’t use alcoholic cleansing agents on vegetable basis (f.ex.pyralvex), hot water or steam blasting.


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Scheu Blue Blokker LC Resin

US$66.00US$72.00 (-8%)

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