SafeEndo ReCal LC

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  • Quick and simple application
  • Radiopacity
  • Lower solubility
  • High Compressive Strength
  • No complicated handmixing
  • Seals the dentinal tubules
  • Prevents postoperative sensitivity
  • High antibacterial and bacteriostatic properties
  • Protects the pulp & promotes secondary dentine formation


SafeEndo ReCal LC is a light-curing resin modified radiopaque flowable calcium hydroxide material for cavity lining (base) for Indirect pulp capping especially under composites.

SafeEndo ReCal LC Calcium Hydroxide is a rigid-setting, light-curing lining material designed for use as a indirect pulp capping agent and a protective liner under dental filling materials, cement, and other base materials. It has no effect on the polymerization of composite filling materials.


  • As a liner for indirect pulp capping.
  • As liner under all filling materials.
  • As protection against acid when applying the total-etch technique.


  • Drug idiosyncrasy
  • Use with carefully if person is allergic to methacrylates and BHT
  • Do not use directly on large exposed Pulp area as a temporary or permanent closure

Advantages :

  • ReCal – Lc is designed to perform better barrier for pulp tissues, appropriate placement of material in to deep cavities.
  • Light curing property gives better stability of cavity liner that gives immediate placement of restoration over cavity lining area.

Key Specifications


  • Resin Modified Calcium Hydroxide
  • Zirconium Oxide
  • Photoinitiators
  • Paste Forming Agent


  • Store at 5 °C to 25 °C, in a well sealed container
  • Close materials tightly after use
  • The material must not be used after the expiry date
  • Shelf life – 2.5 years


  • 1 x ReCal – Lc 2.5gm syringe

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SafeEndo ReCal LC

US$33.00US$37.00 (-11%)

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