Orikam Fast Pack Obturation System


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Orikam Fast Pack Obturation System

Orikam Eighteeth FAST PACK Down pack for 3D Obturation System

Features :- 

Temperature Settings – 90 to 250 degree Celsius (90, 120, 140, 150, 160, 180, 200, 220, 250)

Time Settings – Auto cut-off time 3 to 10 seconds

Memory Programs – 5 Programs from T1 to T5

Internally Heated Tip

  • Only the working end of the tip is heated- avoids need for insulated sleeve
  • Non-working end is insulated from within and stays cool- making it comfortable for patients and also saves battery
  • Safety cap where the tip?s non-working end is plugged into the device-safer for you

Heating Time

  • 0.2 Seconds to 200 degree Celsius
  • 0.5 Seconds to 250 degree Celsius
  • Quick heating prevents damage to PDL

Cooling Time

  • 2 seconds
  • Swift cooling prevents GP coming along with heating tip


  • Replaceable Li-ion battery
  • 2 hours to complete charge
  • 15 minutes turbo-charge to 30%
  • 4 hours of continuous operation at 250 degree Celsius
  • 50 cases with single charge
  • Directly plug-in to electrical supply to operate with zero battery

Ergonomics – 360 degree start/stop ring, allows operation from any angle comfortable

Warranty :-

  • 1 year on device and charger, 5 years on PCB(Applicable In India Only)
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93 Reviews For This Product

  1. 93

    by Dr. Naresh

    The one and only device met my expectations. Very happy with this. fast delivery.

  2. 93

    by Sawyer

    The best product and quality is superb. Thanks for fast shipping.

  3. 93

    by Everett

    Brilliant device. Works really well. Thanks for the fast delivery.

  4. 93

    by Colton

    Good product. Happy to have this.

  5. 93

    by Donald

    The original brand and excellent product. Completely satisfied with the product.

  6. 93

    by Addison

    Great device. Working perfectly. Happy with the purchase.

  7. 93

    by Aliesa

    Excellent obturation system. I personally like the temperature setting and auto cut off in it. Will recommend to others.

  8. 93

    by Alexis

    Good device. Amazing results. No complaint till now.

  9. 93

    by Altaaf

    Got the product so fast. Very well pecked . No damage. and yes the device is original. Thanks dental world. Keep it up.

  10. 93

    by Braxton

    Great device. Perfectly working. Completely satisfied with the service.

  11. 93

    by Braxton

    Great device. Perfectly working. Completely satisfied with the service.

  12. 93

    by Cole

    Got the product in just 6 days. Very well and safely pecked. Original product. Happy to have this. Amazing work Dental World.

  13. 93

    by Dr. Beckhem

    Happy with the purchase. The original device. No damage. Exactly that i ordered. Great service Dental world.

  14. 93

    by Dr .Kendall

    I ordered for my product here again and the service is again great. The fastest service i got once again. In just 5 days my product is in my hand. Very well pecked. Exactly that i needed. Great work guys.

  15. 93

    by Clayton

    Great device. So easy to use.

  16. 93

    by Dr. Jayleen

    Great device by Orikam. Working so smoothly.

  17. 93

    by Ford

    Great product. Excellent performance. Really happy to have this. Thank you guys.

  18. 93

    by Dorothy

    Got the product in 5 days. Which was unexpected to me. Packing is good. No damaged product. The original brand and genuine quality. Really admire your work Dental World. Keep it up.

  19. 93

    by Rosie

    Very good product. Good quality. Showing best results.

  20. 93

    by Chris

    Great device. Excellent performance. Very happy with my purchase.

  21. 93

    by Dr. Anne

    great quality. Works so smoothly. Very easy to operate.

  22. 93

    by Drake

    A very light weight device. Very easy to operate. Delivered so fast. Thanks

  23. 93

    by Briar

    Good product at this price. Happy with the purchase.

  24. 93

    by Keaton

    Excellent quality and great product. Completely satisfied with the service.

  25. 93

    by Kendra

    Very easy to use. A light weight device. Thank you for the fast shipping.

  26. 93

    by Huxley

    A very light weight and great device. amazing results. Happy with my purchase.

  27. 93

    by Evelynn

    The best fast pack obturation system by Orikam. Genuine quality of the device. A light weight device but still so powerfully works.

  28. 93

    by Alyssa

    The great device. Built with many features. Good temperature setting included in it. Happy with the purchase.

  29. 93

    by Harlow

    The original device. Works very effectively. Very happy with the purchase.

  30. 93

    by Brinley

    The perfect device. Only the working end is heated. Very safe to handle it. Auto cut off is also available in it. Really a great experience with it.

  31. 93

    by Clark

    The best obturation system. Working effectively. Very happy to have this.

  32. 93

    by Calder

    Very effective device. Light weight body and easy to operate.

  33. 93

    by Dr.Robin

    It is internally heated tip which is smartest , safest and most sophisticated. Completely satisfied with the purchase.

  34. 93

    by Serena

    The best fast pack obturation system by Orikam . Good device at this price. Would recommend to others.

  35. 93

    by Melvin

    In this device only the working end is heated which avoids need for insulated sleeves. Having good experience with it. Got the product very fast.

  36. 93

    by Archer

    It is 360 degree start/stop ring allows holding the device in any angles which is comfortable for doctors. Love to use this.

  37. 93

    by Elina

    The non working end is insulated internally and stays cool which makes it comfortable for patients and also saves battery. Genuine quality.

  38. 93

    by Albie

    Good product at good price. There is a safety cap where the tip’s non working end is plugged into the device which makes it safer to use while changing tips.

  39. 93

    by Alden

    Good performance of the device.

  40. 93

    by Vanessa

    Good fast pack obturation system by orikam at this price. Happy with ths purchase.

  41. 93

    by Leland

    Love to work with orikam fast pack obturation system . Have some great features .

  42. 93

    by Sawyer

    Good quality and light weight device .

  43. 93

    by Tanner

    Got the original device very fast. Thank you dental world.

  44. 93

    by Dr. Clark

    Good light weight device. Very easy in handling .

  45. 93

    by Kendrick

    Good device. Working very effectively . Only working end of the tip is heated .

  46. 93

    by Dr. Shelby

    Good hand piece by Orikam . Directly plug in to electrical supply to operate with zero battery . Having good experience with the device .

  47. 93

    by Auberon

    Good device at this price. Thank you dental world . Great service .

  48. 93

    by Beckett

    Good hand piece by orikam . Have good and ideal temperature and time setting .

  49. 93

    by Sawyer

    Very smart hand piece by orikam . Very happy to have this .

  50. 93

    by Bentley

    Take very short time to heat . Only working end is heated up while working on it .

  51. 93

    by Clark

    Great hand piece with many good features . Love to work on it .

  52. 93

    by Kerry

    Good working strength . Good product at good price .

  53. 93

    by Lacey

    Excellent product . Good performance .

  54. 93

    by Beckham

    One of the best device ever i used . Love everything in it . Great features , good performance , good working strength . Definitely Must try this .

  55. 93

    by Lena

    First of all good shipping facility dental world . Happy with the service , the original product got very fast .

  56. 93

    by Alden

    Good device . Very well pecked against damage . Got very fast . Thank you .

  57. 93

    by David

    Non working end is insulated from within and stays cool making it comfortable for patients and also saves battery . Good job dental world official , Very fast shipping .

  58. 93

    by Damon

    Very quickly heated up and cool down after you operating this device . Never disappointed with the obturation system .

  59. 93

    by Braxton

    Only the working end of the tip is heated up while operating which is safe to handle the hand piece . Very fast shipping dental world , thank you .

  60. 93

    by Archer

    Love to use this obturation system . Very quick heating time .

  61. 93

    by Acker

    Good temperature setting , can be operate very easily without any difficulty . Thanks dental world . Amazing shipping .

  62. 93

    by Kendra

    Working end of the tip is heated so the device is safe to handle while operative . Good shipping facility dental world .

  63. 93

    by Anthony

    Love to use this device .

  64. 93

    by Faith

    Very happy with the service dental world . Very fast shipping guys .

  65. 93

    by William

    Happy with the purchase . good device .

  66. 93

    by Dr. David

    Having good experience with the device .

  67. 93

    by Alis

    Good hand piece .

  68. 93

    by Dalas

    Very easy to operate . Thank you dental world , good service .

  69. 93

    by Elliot

    Good device .

  70. 93

    by Dr. Donald

    Great purchase .

  71. 93

    by Vinuce

    Simple device , easy to use .

  72. 93

    by Clayton

    Very safe to handle while operating .

  73. 93

    by Acton

    Good hand piece . Happy with the purchase .

  74. 93

    by Dr. Adalbretcha

    Good original hand piece purchased at dental world official . Thank you guys .

  75. 93

    by Elina

    Satisfactory product .

  76. 93

    by Queenie

    Love to use this device . Very very easy to operate .

  77. 93

    by Phoebe

    Good efficiency to work . Like the product .

  78. 93

    by Poppy

    Good quality , thank you dental world very fast service .

  79. 93

    by Shizaan

    Love to use this hand piece .

  80. 93

    by Willow

    Good device .

  81. 93

    by Lancy

    Good fast shipping .

  82. 93

    by Cizara

    Excellent hand piece .

  83. 93

    by Dr. Shane

    Great hand piece , very easy to use .

  84. 93

    by Jenny

    Simply the best hand piece . Would like to recommend it .

  85. 93

    by Nusrat

    Great purchase . Excellent performance .

  86. 93

    by Radaur

    got the original device very fast . Thanks dental world official .

  87. 93

    by Abbiegal

    Very good product at this price

  88. 93

    by Badan

    Superb product

  89. 93

    by Xiang

    Superb product

  90. 93

    by Necie

    Very good product

  91. 93

    by Lazaro

    Brilliant product. Very happy to have it. Thank you for fast shipping.

  92. 93

    by Wilson

    Orikam Fast Pack Obturation System is the best product.

  93. 93

    by Maddison

    Brilliant product at such good price.

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