Nsk Irrigation Tubing (Pack of 5)

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  • Flexible and medical-grade materials for compatibility and sterilization.
  • Controlled flow of liquid coolants (e.g., saline) during procedures.
  • Easy to handle and maneuver for precise positioning.
  • Secure and leak-free connections for a reliable attachment.
  • Available in various sizes and lengths.
  • Promotes effective cooling and irrigation.
  • Precise temperature and irrigation control.
  • Contributes to successful surgical outcomes.
  • Trusted and reliable solution.


NSK Irrigation Tube is a high-quality and essential component designed specifically for use with NSK surgical and implant motors, such as the Surgic Pro, Variosurg, Surgic XT, and Surgic XT Plus. This irrigation tubing plays a crucial role in maintaining optimal conditions during oral surgery and implantology procedures by facilitating the controlled flow of liquid coolants, such as saline solution, to the surgical site. The irrigation tube is crafted from flexible medical-grade materials, ensuring its compatibility with liquid coolants and its ability to withstand sterilization procedures. Its construction allows for easy handling and maneuverability, enabling precise positioning and efficient irrigation around the surgical operation area. The NSK Irrigation Tube features a secure and reliable connection system that ensures a tight and leak-free attachment to both the surgical handpiece irrigation attachment and the saline irrigation source. This secure connection helps maintain a consistent and uninterrupted flow of the coolant throughout the surgical procedure, promoting effective cooling and irrigation.

Irrigation tubing can be used with the following Surgical and Implant Motors:-

  • NSK Surgic Pro
  • NSK Variosurg
  • NSK Surgic XT
  • NSK Surgic XT Plus


  • 5 x Nsk Irrigation Tubing

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Nsk Irrigation Tubing (Pack of 5)

US$98.00US$140.00 (-30%)

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