NSK FX25-03 Cartridge for FX25 Contrangle Handpiece

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  • Easy Changing Mechanism for quick and effortless cartridge replacement
  • Torque Control feature for consistent and reliable rotational force
  • Maximum speed of 30,000 min-1 for efficient and precise dental procedures
  • User-friendly design for easy cartridge replacement
  • Specifically designed for compatibility with the NSK Contrangle Handpiece FX23
  • Contributes to cost savings by reducing service costs and downtime
  • Minimizes disruptions in dental practices
  • Enhances accuracy and effectiveness in dental procedures


The NSK FX23-03 Cartridge is a highly efficient and precise dental instrument designed specifically for use with the NSK Contrangle Handpiece FX23. With a maximum speed of 30,000 min-1, this cartridge enables dental professionals to perform dental procedures with smooth and accurate cutting or polishing of dental surfaces. One of the standout features of the NSK FX23 Cartridge is its user-friendly design. It incorporates an easy-changing mechanism that allows dental professionals to replace the cartridge quickly and effortlessly. This feature is especially advantageous as it reduces service costs and minimizes downtime, ensuring that dental practices can operate efficiently without unnecessary disruptions.

The torque control feature of the NSK FX23 Cartridge is another significant advantage. It provides a consistent and reliable rotational force, allowing dental professionals to have precise control during dental procedures. This enhanced accuracy and effectiveness result in superior patient outcomes and contribute to the overall efficiency of the dental practice.

Furthermore, the NSK FX23 cartridge is specifically designed to meet the demands of modern dental practices. Its optimal speed setting enhances the overall performance of the cartridge, delivering excellent results. The reliable torque of the cartridge ensures consistent performance that meets the expectations of dental professionals.
In terms of compatibility, the NSK FX23-03 Cartridge is specifically designed for use with the NSK Contrangle Handpiece FX23. This compatibility ensures seamless integration and optimal performance of both the cartridge and the handpiece, providing dental professionals with a reliable and efficient tool for their dental procedures.

Key Specifications

  • Compatible with the NSK Contra angle Handpiece FX23
  • The maximum speed of 30,000 min-1
  • Enables efficient and precise cutting or polishing of dental surfaces
  • User-friendly design with an easy-changing mechanism for quick cartridge replacement
  • The torque control feature provides consistent and reliable rotational force


  • 1 x Cartridge

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NSK FX25-03 Cartridge for FX25 Contrangle Handpiece

US$149.00US$187.00 (-20%)

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