NSK F16R MP Handpiece Head

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  • Push button chuck for quick and effortless instrument changes.
  • 360° rotation for optimal access and maneuverability during procedures.
  • Compact and lightweight design for comfortable handling.
  • High-quality construction for durability and longevity.
  • Compatible with NSK endodontic motors, including Endo Mate DT, EndoMate AT, and EndoMate TC 2.
  • Enhanced control and precision for precise dental treatments.
  • Reduced heat generation and vibration for improved patient comfort.
  • Easy maintenance with a detachable head for efficient cleaning and sterilization.
  • Versatile compatibility with a wide range of burs and rotary instruments.
  • Trusted brand and reputation for reliability and performance.


NSK F16R MP Handpiece Head is a top-tier dental instrument designed for exceptional performance and usability. Its key features, the push button chuck, and 360° rotation, make it an essential tool for efficient and precise dental procedures. The push button chuck mechanism allows for effortless and swift instrument changes, enhancing workflow efficiency and saving valuable time during treatments. By simply pressing the button, dental tools or attachments can be securely inserted or removed, ensuring seamless transitions between different aspects of the procedure. With its 360° rotation capability, the handpiece head offers unmatched maneuverability and access to all areas of the oral cavity. Dentists can easily adjust the angle of the head, enabling them to achieve optimal visibility and reach during intricate dental treatments. This feature is particularly useful in complex procedures where precise control and accessibility are crucial. These standout features of the NSK F16R MP Handpiece Head combine to create a highly functional and user-friendly tool. The push button chuck streamlines instrument changes, while the 360° rotation enhances the dentist’s ability to perform procedures with accuracy and ease. This results in improved treatment outcomes and patient comfort. Built with durability and longevity in mind, the handpiece head ensures reliable performance throughout its lifespan. It is designed to work seamlessly with NSK endodontic motors, such as the Endo Mate DT, EndoMate AT, and EndoMate TC 2, further expanding its capabilities and compatibility.

Compatible with these Endomotors:-


Key Specifications

  • Miniature push button head.
  • For Ni-Ti files (ø2.35)
  • 16:1 Gear Reduction Head


  • 1 x Handpiece Head

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NSK F16R MP Handpiece Head

US$425.00US$480.00 (-11%)

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