NewDiamond Single Inverted Cone Diamond Bur -SI (Pack Of 3)

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  • Long-life diamond burs.
  • Quality control tested.
  • High precision with efficient cutting
  • Efficient Cutting.
  • High-quality fine-grain Diamond bur.
  • Surgical grade stainless steel.
  • Powerful cutting performance.
  • Maximum strength & durability.
  • Consistent quality.


NewDiamond Straight Inverted Cone Diamond Bur has a stainless steel working part that is coated with fine diamond crystal.

These Burs are manufactured from the highest quality steel shanks and natural diamond grit to international specifications.

This advanced manufacturing, using computer-controlled precision engineering, ensures true concentricity and balance, minimizing vibration and potential damage to handpiece bearings.

The Diamond plating of these burs is carried out under strictly controlled conditions specific to the bur pattern involved.

This process gives the highest strength and even distribution of diamond, resulting in a concentric, balanced bur with long-lasting cutting ability.



To remove caries.

To establish retention in tooth for cavity preparation.

Used primarily for producing undercuts at the junction of the pulpal floor and lateral walls in occlusal (Class I), cervical (Class V) cavities, and in the occlusal locks of the Class II cavities.

Also useful for flattening pulpal and gingival walls.



Diamond burs enable faster and smoother cutting and are needed when a cut requires extreme precision.

It creates a higher polish surface and is, therefore, more appropriate for precise work instead of removing large pieces of material.

Key Specifications

Shape: Straight Inverted Cone Diamond Bur – SI


  • Pack Of 3

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NewDiamond Single Inverted Cone Diamond Bur -SI (Pack Of 3)

US$18.00US$24.00 (-25%)

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