Marathon M3 Complete Set (Micromotor Engine+Foot Pedal+Control Box+Handpiece stand+Pouch)

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Control box: Houses the motor and controls the speed.
Handpiece: Holds the attachments and is held by the user
Foot pedal: Allows the user to control the speed of the motor with their foot
Handpiece stand: Holds the handpiece when it is not in use
User manual: Contains a booklet that provides instructions for usage and maintenance
Compact handpiece size: Makes it easy to maneuver in tight spaces and for detailed work
Less noise level
DescriptionMarathon Saeyang clinical micromotor is its environmental friendliness. While the specific details of its eco-friendly features may vary, the overall design and construction of the micromotor are aimed at minimizing environmental impact. This can include energy-efficient components, reduced power consumption, or the use of sustainable materials. By prioritizing environmental considerations, the micromotor aligns with the growing trend of sustainability in dental practices. In terms of performance, the micromotor boasts a maximum speed of 35,000 rpm, allowing for high-speed operation during dental procedures. This speed range enables efficient trimming, drilling, and polishing of hard tissues, contributing to precise and accurate treatments. Additionally, the micromotor offers a power output of 45W, providing sufficient strength to handle various dental tasks effectively.
?Key Specifications
Max Speed: 35,000 Rpm
Torque:?2.9 Ncm
Compact size
PackagingComplete Set (Micromotor Engine+Foot Pedal+Control Box+Handpiece stand+Pouch)

1 x Micromotor Engine
1 x Foot pedal
1 x Control box
1 x Handpiece stand all packed in 1 Pouch.
Direction to UsePreparation

Ensure that the micromotor is properly connected to a power source and the control box.
Familiarize yourself with the control buttons and settings on the control box.

Handpiece Assembly:

Attach the desired handpiece or attachment to the micromotor’s output shaft securely. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for specific attachment assembly steps, if applicable.

Power On:

Turn on the power to the control box using the designated switch or button.

Speed Adjustment:

Use the speed control feature to adjust the rotation speed of the micromotor. Typically, this is achieved by rotating a dial or using buttons designated for speed adjustment. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to set the desired speed range suitable for your procedure.

Direction Control:

The micromotor may have a direction control feature, allowing you to choose the rotation direction of the handpiece. Select the appropriate direction (clockwise or counterclockwise) based on your specific procedure requirements. Refer to the control box or manufacturer’s instructions for direction control settings.

Foot Control (if applicable):

If your micromotor includes a foot control option, connect it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The foot control allows for hands-free operation by controlling the on/off function of the micromotor. Familiarize yourself with the foot control’s operation before use.

Operating the Micromotor:

Hold the handpiece comfortably, ensuring a secure grip.
Gently press the foot control or the designated button on the control box to activate the micromotor’s rotation.
Guide the handpiece to perform the desired dental procedure, maintaining proper control and precision throughout the process.

Speed and Direction Adjustments:

During the procedure, you can adjust the speed and direction as needed, based on the requirements of the specific task. Utilize the control buttons or dials to make necessary adjustments.

Power Off:

After completing the procedure, release the foot control or press the designated button to deactivate the micromotor’s rotation.
Turn off the power to the control box

Manufacturer/Importer?warranty?of 1 year as applicable for this product?(Micromotor Engine & Control Box Only)
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The?Buyer acknowledges that the Products once sold?will not be exchanged?or?taken back?unless?the seal of the package or the Product is intact or not altered in any manner?or?is not tampered?as the case may be.

Please click here to know about our return policy & how warranty is covered at DentalkartFAQsSearch QuestionSearch QuestionQuestion:How do I connect the Marathon Saeyang micromotor to a power source?Answer:The micromotor should be connected to the control box using the provided cables. Ensure that the con… read moreQuestion:How do I adjust the rotation speed of the micromotor?Answer:The micromotor usually has speed control features such as a dial or buttons on the control box. Use … read moreQuestion:Can I change the rotation direction of the micromotor?Answer:Yes, the Marathon Saeyang micromotor often allows for changing the rotation direction. Refer to the … read moreView all 4 QuestionsHave doubts regarding this product?Post Your Question

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Marathon M3 Complete Set (Micromotor Engine+Foot Pedal+Control Box+Handpiece stand+Pouch)

US$110.00US$155.00 (-29%)

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