Kuraray Caries Detector

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Kuraray Caries Detector

CARIES DETECTOR is an excellent caries disclosing agent for conservative dentistry. It aids in the excavation of the outer decalcified and infected carious dentine layer, permitting optimal caries removal. It also helps minimize the removal of remineralized, healthy dentin, protecting the vitality of the pulp and, as a resut, conserve the maximal amount of healthy tissue.

CARIES DETECTOR provides support for the excavation of the demineralized outer tooth hard structure affected by the caries, making it possible to remove the caries as completely as possible. At the same time, it makes sure that as little healthy dentin which can be remineralized is removed as possible, secures pulp vitality, and preserves the healthy tooth structure. Numerous studies have shown that it is not possible to distinguish, either optically or mechanically using the sensor test, between irreversibly diseased dentin and healthy dentin which can be remineralized. Using CARIES DETECTOR, you can confidently proceed with the excavation because only the irreversibly diseased dentin is stained red.


  • Propane-1,2-diol
  • Dye


• Disclosing caries dentin in cavity preparations


  • Fast and easy use
  • Free from side effects
  • Preserves healthy tooth hard substance
  • Stains tooth hard structure red changed by caries during all preparatory measures in the cavities
  • Does not stain remineralizable caries affected dentin

Key Specifications:-

  • Must be stored at 2 – 25°C / 36 – 77°F


  • 2 x 6ml Bottle

Direction to Use:-

  • Step 1

Isolate carious tooth with rubber dam.After initial excavation of carious enamel
and dentine over infected site, wash and dry.

  • Step 2

Place one drop of CARIES DETECTOR on a sponge pledget and apply to the cavity

  • Step 3

Leave for 10 seconds, then rinse with water.Remove the exposed outer carious dentin,which will be stained red.

  • Step 4

Repeat detection to ensure removal of the infected carious.

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    by Ruby Bevan678@gmail.com

    so fast and easy to use

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    by Nino Askin

    ggod quality product. highly recommended.

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Kuraray Caries Detector

Kuraray Caries Detector

US$112.00US$140.00 (-20%)

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