Ivoclar Ceramic Repair N Kit

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  1. High shear bond values.
  2. Ease of handling.
  3. Ergonomic working procedure.

Ivoclar Ceramic Repair N Kit

Comprehensive set for intraoral repairs of ceramic and composite restorations.

The Ceramic Repair N System Kit is a set of various components for the intraoral repair of defective ceramic- and composite-veneered fixed restorations. All-ceramic restorations can also be repaired with the Ceramic Repair N System Kit.

This comprehensive system comprises the necessary bonding and veneering materials. The set contains only light-curing single-component materials and therefore eliminates certain tasks such as mixing. The entire set is ergonomically arranged and enables you to work from left to right. The flowchart can be attached to the package. Due to its outstanding high bonding values, this system is a reliable assistant in inconvenient situations.

Indication :-

Intraoral repair of defective ceramic- and composite- veneered fixed restorations.

Advantages :-

  • High shear bond values.
  • Ease of handling.
  • Ergonomic working procedure.

Repair of fractures in

  • Ceramic-veneered restorations.
  • All-ceramic restorations.
  • Composite restorations.

Key Specifications :-


The Ceramic Repair N System Kit consists of the following components:

  • Tetric® N-Ceram – a light-curing nano-hybrid composite.
  • IPS Empress® Direct Opaque – a light-curing opaquer suitable for masking exposed metal surface.
  • Monobond® N – a primer designed for establishing an adhesive bond between luting composites and all indirect restorative material
  • Heliobond – a light-curing bonding agent.


  • Use is contraindicated if a dry working field cannot be established or the prescribed application technique cannot be applied
  • if a patient is known to be allergic to any of the ingredients of Tetric N-Ceram, IPS Empress Direct Opaque, Monobond N and Heliobond.

Side effects

  • In rare cases, components of Tetric N-Ceram, IPS Empress Direct Opaque, Heliobond and Monobond N may lead to sensitization. The product should not be used in such cases.

Shelf life and storage

  • Do not use the individual components of Ceramic Repair N after the indicated expiry date.
  • Observe the storage temperature of all components: 2–28 °C (36–82 °F)
  • Shelf life: see imprint on syringe/bottle/cartridge – Tetric N-Ceram, IPS Empress Direct Opaque, Heliobond: Close the products immediately after use.
  • Exposure to light causes premature polymerization.
  • Do not disinfect syringes with oxidizing disinfectants. – Monobond N: close immediately after usage.

Packaging :-

  • Tetric N-Ceram 3 x 3.5 g (1 each of shades A2, A3 and A3.5),
  • IPS Empress Direct Opaque 1 x 1.8 g
  • Monobond N 1 x 5 g
  • Heliobond 1 x 6 g
  • Various accessories

Direction to Use :-

STEP1. Isolation Appropriate isolation is required, preferably with a rubber dam (e.g. OptraDam® Plus).
STEP2. Preparing the metal surface In case of an exposed metal surface, roughen the surface with a diamond or corundum grinding instrument using water irrigation. Alternatively, roughen the metal surface with an intra- oral sandblasting device (observe the instructions of the manufacturer).
STEP3. Preparing the defective ceramic or composite surface Bevel the margins of the defective ceramic or composite surface (1-2 mm) with a fine-grained diamond grinding instrument using water irrigation.
Subsequently, rinse thoroughly with water and dry with oil-free air.

STEP4. Placing the matrix If the restoration includes proximal areas, place a matrix band and secure it with a wedge.
Note: If tooth structure is affected by this repair, these areas must be pretreated with a dentin/enamel adhesive.

STEP5. Monobond N Use a brush to apply Monobond N to the exposed ceramic, metal and composite surfaces and allow to react for 60 seconds. Subsequently, dry with oil-free air. (Do not rinse with water.)
Then, light-cure for 10 seconds. (e.g. Bluephase® N ”High Power Program“).
STEP6. Applying Heliobond Apply a thin layer of Heliobond to the entire surface area which needs to be repaired. Remove any excess with compressed air.
STEP7. Applying the opaquer Apply IPS Empress Direct Opaque to the prepared metal surface only. The layer applied should have a thickness of maximum 0.5 mm.
Then, light-cure for 20 seconds. (e.g. Bluephase N “High Power Program“). If the surface is still not sufficiently masked, apply a second layer of IPS Empress Direct Opaque and light-cure again.
STEP8. Restoring the restoration with Tetric N-Ceram Apply Tetric N-Ceram in increments of max. 2 mm and adapt the material with a suitable instrument (e.g. OptraSculpt® Pad).
STEP9. Finishing and polishing Remove excess with a suitable fine-grained diamond grinding instrument.
Light-cure each layer individually for 10 seconds (e.g. Bluephase N ”High Power Program“).

STEP10. Restoration after repair

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Ivoclar Ceramic Repair N Kit

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