Hudens Bio Burstar HP Carbide Round Burs

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Hudens Bio Burstar HP Carbide Round Burs

Hudens Bio Burstar HP Carbide Round Burs are designed, manufactured and finished for optimum strength, performance and durability. These tungsten carbide burs are engineered to cut more effectively,

Carefully designed blade structure, rake angle, flute depth and spiral angulation combined with our specially formulated tungsten carbide results in the powerful cutting performance of our burs. Burstar burs are engineered to deliver the most efficient cutting rate & performance for the most popular procedures.

Proper selection of tungsten carbide and high quality steel combined with a specialized heat treatment process and controlled welding operation creates the optimum conditions required to attain the impressive strength and durability of Burstars bur.


  • Powerful Cutting Performance.
  • Maximum Strength & Durability.
  • Consistent Quality.
  • Stainless Steel Shank.
  • Tungsten Carbide ball round Bur.
  • Tungsten carbide bur, reduces the risk of chipping and breakage.
  • Reduces patient discomfort and operating time.
  • Can be autoclaved multiple times without corrosion.
  • Fast and smooth vibration free performance.

Key Specifications:-

  • Overall length – 44.5mm
  • Shank diameter – 2.35mm
  • Shape – Round
  • For Low Speed Straight Handpiece
  • Autoclavable upto 134°C

Head Diameter:-

  • Bur RB-010 – 1.0mm
  • Bur RB-014 – 1.4mm
  • Bur RB-018 – 1.8mm
  • Bur RB-023 – 2.3mm


  • Pack of 6

Direction to Use:-

  • Insert the instrument as deeply as possible into the Straight handpiece.
  • Set the handpiece at the required working speed before applying the instrument to the treated area.
  • Activate water spray during the entire treatment (minimum 50 mL/min).
  • Regulate water flow in case of water excess or shortage.
  • Use the instruments over the entire length of their working part and not just at the tip, so as to avoid an unconscious increase of the contact pressure causing local overheating.
  • Once the preparation has been completed, remove the instrument from the site and allow it to come to a standstill.
  • It is recommended to wear gloves and safety glasses.


Q. Can these burs be autoclaved?
A. Yes, these burs can be autoclaved and can be reused thereafter.

Q. What should I do to prevent instrument fracture?
A. Avoid jamming or levering actions when rotating, as this increases the risk of instrument breakage. Never exceed the specified maximum speed. Avoid applying forces greater than the recommended values, as this could cause damage to the instrument and the treated area. Always check for possible damages; dispose of oxidized, blunt, and eccentric instruments.

Q. When to dispose of these Burs?
A. Check for possible damages; dispose of oxidized, blunt, and eccentric instruments.

Q. How should I clean my carbide burs?
A. We advise you to always clean your burs after each use by removing the residues with a brush or in an ultrasonic tank with an enzymatic detergent solution, the latter option is the best to maintain their abrasive power.

Q. How can I prevent my burs from rusting?
A. It’s very simple! Choose cleaning and disinfecting solutions with corrosion protection, and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding concentration and application time.

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Hudens Bio Burstar HP Carbide Round Burs

Hudens Bio Burstar HP Carbide Round Burs