GS Implants Combi 4.7mm

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  • Immediate Loading
  • Improved Platform
  • Special Design
  • Sla Surface

GS Implants Combi 4.7mm

GS Implants Combi 4.7mm The GS implant system is a one-piece, specially designed implant that connects to the bone from its apical and has excellent primary stability due to support from its connection to the cortical bone


  • Immediate Loading
  • Improved Platform
  • Special Design
  • Sla Surface
  • Extraordinary Stability with All Bone Types
  • Optimized Dimensions
  • Bendable Neck
  • Solution-Oriented on Prosthetic.


  • A hybrid implant combines the features and benefits of both (rough) implant and (smooth) implant, such that the upper part of this implant is treated like (a rough) type to stimulate osseointegration.
  • However, the bottom tip remains, highly polished to reduce contamination, thereby preventing potential infections, especially in maxillary sinus areas.

Indication for use:

  • gs implant dental fixtures of the mot type combine properties of both rough implants in terms of having less aggressive threads and better osseointegration which makes them more suitable for d3 and d4bone types, and smooth-surfaced implants, which are more resistant to bacterial infection.
  • Since only the tip of the fixture has a smooth surface.
  • This fixture is the best to be used when working on the maxillary sinus area.

Abutment Two different abutment types: normal and large

  • Trimming can be done for prosthetic ease
  • Compatible for welding (syncrystallization)

Neck: Bendable neck: allows for establishing parallelism

  • Smooth surface: to prevent peri-implantitis and bacterial Contamination
  • No place for bacterial colonization

Shaft: Strong and fracture resistant

Rough surface: to facilitate osseointegration in a cancellous bone

  • Polished tip: to reduce bacterial contamination and avoid potential
  • Application: to be used in the regions with thin bone, namely in
    maxillary sinus areas.

Key Specifications:-


  • Biocompatible ti-6al-4v alloy titanium with high quality and great strength.

Available Sizes:

  • Length: 11mm,13mm,15mm
  • Diamenter: 4.7mm


  • 1 x Gs Implant Combi


  • There is 5 Year replacement for the failure of the implant

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GS Implants Combi 4.7mm

GS Implants Combi 4.7mm

US$82.00US$90.00 (-9%)

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