GDC Root Elevators Bein Standard (Eb3)

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Straight Tip: These elevators feature a straight and sharp tip for effective access to the tooth’s root within the socket.
Precision Extraction: Designed for precise control, they enable dental professionals to perform extractions with accuracy.
Ergonomic Handle: The elevators come with an ergonomic handle that provides a comfortable and secure grip, reducing strain during procedures.
Durable Construction: GDC is known for its high-quality dental instruments, ensuring these elevators are durable and long-lasting.
Atraumatic Extraction: While the tip is sharp, it allows for atraumatic tooth removal, minimizing tissue damage.
Versatile Use: These elevators are suitable for various dental extraction procedures, making them versatile tools in a dental practice.
DescriptionGDC Root Elevators Bein Standard (Eb3)
The GDC Root Elevators Bein Standard (Eb3) features a straight, sharp tip. These elevators are designed for precise control and efficient tooth extraction. The straight tip allows for access to the tooth’s root within the socket, facilitating effective extractions. They come with an ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip, ensuring dental professionals can perform extractions with ease. GDC’s commitment to quality ensures these elevators are durable and reliable tools for dental procedures.Key Specifications
Category:?Oral Surgery
Material:?Stainless Steel
Sterile/Non-Sterile:?Non – Sterile
Rust Free:?Corrosion Resistant
1 x GDC Root Elevators Bein Standard
Direction to Use

Preparation: Ensure that the patient is comfortably seated and prepared for the extraction procedure. Administer local anesthesia as needed for pain control.
Isolation: Use appropriate dental dam or isolation techniques to maintain a clean and dry field around the tooth to be extracted.
Choose the Right Elevator: Select the GDC Root Elevator Bein Standard (Eb3) suitable for the specific tooth you are extracting.
Positioning: Hold the elevator’s handle with a firm and comfortable grip. Position the tip of the elevator carefully between the tooth and the surrounding bone.
Application: Apply controlled and gentle pressure to the tooth’s root using the elevator’s tip. Use a rocking and twisting motion to loosen the tooth within its socket.
Extraction: Once the tooth is sufficiently loosened, use dental forceps to grasp and remove it from the socket. Ensure the entire root structure is extracted.
Post-Extraction Care: Administer any necessary post-extraction care, including hemostasis and sutures if needed. Provide post-operative instructions to the patient for proper healing and care.
Cleaning and Sterilization: After use, clean the GDC Root Elevator thoroughly and sterilize it according to recommended dental instrument sterilization protocols.
6 months warranty against rust.
FAQsSearch QuestionSearch QuestionQuestion:Can this elevator be used for both anterior and posterior teeth?Answer:The GDC Root Elevator Eb3 is suitable for a variety of dental extractions, including both anterior a… read moreQuestion:What material is the GDC Root Elevator Bein Standard (Eb3) made from?Answer:The GDC Root Elevator Eb3 is typically made from high-quality stainless steel, known for its durabil… read moreQuestion:Is this elevator suitable for atraumatic extractions?Answer:Yes, despite its sharp tip, the GDC Root Elevator Eb3 is designed to perform atraumatic extractions,… read moreView all 5 QuestionsHave doubts regarding this product?Post Your Question

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GDC Root Elevators Bein Standard (Eb3)

US$29.00US$36.00 (-19%)

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