EiTi Bur Holder 24 Hole

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Simple, flexible, and elegant in design.
It grips the burs whatever the size of the shank and the size of the bur, setting it apart from other bur holders.
Washable for easy cleaning and maintenance.
The patented bur block hole and lid design grip burs when held upside down, providing convenience during work.
Special cover on top protects the burs from dust, ensuring cleanliness and readiness for use.
It is tall enough to hold any height of bur, accommodating various types and sizes effectively.
EiTi Bur Holder 24 Hole is specifically designed to address the requirements and enhance the features of conventional bur holders in the market. One of its distinctive features is its unique gripping mechanism. Unlike other bur holders, every hole in the EiTi Bur Holder is designed to securely grip each individual bur. This ensures that the burs remain firmly in place, preventing any accidental spills or dislodging while offering a more organized and efficient workspace. By utilizing this innovative gripping concept, the EiTi Bur Holder provides a level of convenience and functionality that sets it apart from traditional bur holders. The improved grip contributes to better organization and accessibility during dental procedures or other tasks that involve the frequent use of burs.
Key Specifications
Size: 7.6 cm x 6 cm x 3.5 cm
Colour: Green
Item:?Bur Sterilizer Case


Made up of Good Quality Plastic Material.

1 x Bur Holder 24 Hole
Direction to Use
Place the EiTi Bur Holder on a flat and stable surface in your workspace.
Insert the burs into the 24 holes provided in the bur holder, ensuring a secure grip regardless of the bur’s size or shank size.
Arrange the burs in the holder in a way that facilitates easy identification and access during work.
If needed, use the patented bur block hole and lid designs to grip certain burs upside down for specific work scenarios.
Make use of the special cover on top of the bur holder to protect the burs from dust and debris when not in use.
Regularly clean the bur holder by washing it with water to maintain a hygienic workspace.
Enjoy the simplicity, durability, and cost-effectiveness of the EiTi Bur Holder, enhancing your efficiency and organization while working with burs.
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EiTi Bur Holder 24 Hole

US$18.00US$23.00 (-22%)

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